Any buyer or seller of goods or services, in both international and domestic trade transactions, will rely on a comprehensive trade finance agreement for maximum business efficiency. Sale, export and production of goods will all be covered, as larger scale transactions on a global basis can be, if necessary. The construction of a trade finance agreement suitable for your business needs is something which needs to be both considered, and carried out, carefully.

In every situation where business legal support is needed, it is vital to seek advice early on for an accurate assessment of your business legal needs. Oratto is a web-based platform which has been carefully developed to link consumers of legal services with the right lawyer. The focus of Oratto is on a smooth and easy process, from seeking initial advice to choosing a solicitor to handle your requirements. All of the solicitors identified in this section are experts in creating high quality trade finance agreements, from preparation to drafting, tailored to your individual business circumstances. If you are unsure, the Oratto Match facility exists to help us find the right lawyer for you.

Creating the right trade finance agreement for you

Amongst other things, your trade finance agreement will manage the capital required for a smooth flow of trade in your business. Your agreement will also specify how the following can be used for your business trade:

  • investments
  • cash
  • credit
  • any other assets

A comprehensive and effective trade finance agreement can go a long way to protecting your most central business interests; whether this involves enforcement or protection. Trade finance has a huge remit and identifying which aspects are relevant to your business is something that your chosen lawyer will do for you.

In particular, your trade finance agreement can provide:

  • a documentary letter of credit which ensures a seller will be paid according to stipulations in the contract for sale of goods
  • the issue of a standby letter of credit or a guarantee or bond to protect against non-performance

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