Horse racing is a fast-paced, thriving global business which turns over billions of pounds annually. Equine law may be a niche area but considering the sums of money invested in horse racing, the potential for complexities is strong. If you have a vested interest in the sale, purchase and racing of horses, then knowledge of bloodstock and an understanding of the various issues surrounding equine breeding and trading is key.

Specialised bloodstock lawyers have a thorough knowledge of this legal sphere and can dispense sound advice, which is a distinct advantage and can help to protect and expand your business.

Oratto helps you find the equine legal advice you need

Racehorses are valuable creatures and understandably those in the horse racing world are keen to protect profits and minimise loss. If you have a dispute then seeking specialist advice from the beginning is extremely important to ensure that your interests are well protected. All of the solicitors featured on this page are experts in equine law and they will be able to deal with any legal issues relevant to horse-racing and bloodstock that may arise. You can select an Oratto member bloodstock lawyer from the list on this page or you can use our Oratto Match function by submitting your details and requirements to us so we can suggest a solicitor who best suits your needs.

Oratto is a web-based platform which has been developed to link consumers with the legal services they need. Contacting the right lawyer for you through Oratto is an easy, smooth and rapid process. All of our member lawyers are experts who understand the equine world and law within it and are used to working alongside trainers, breeders, jockeys and owners; meaning that they are best placed to protect your business interests. Whether you are dealing with a case of veterinary negligence or you want a contract prepared or checked in relation to the sale of valuable horses, your chosen lawyer will be able to carry this out for you.

Issues in equine and bloodstock law

Horse-racing is a high risk sport and it's possible that injuries to a horse or jockey could jeopardise your livelihood. It's vital that you keep yourself protected at all times and that you're ready to deal with any equine disputes should they arise. This can range from problems over a contract to disagreements over a part-owned horse. Having solid legal assistance behind you is a great asset in maintaining both reputation and profitability; essential in commercial success.

Further issues that your chosen bloodstock lawyer can handle for you:

  • ownership disputes – large sums of money can be at stake and Oratto member solicitors are aware of this
  • livestock insurance
  • sale and purchase disputes and advice on these
  • foal shares
  • stallion syndicates
  • BHA enquires

Your chosen solicitor will be able to deal with any issues from start to finish and offer representation, should this prove to be necessary. Through Oratto you can access the legal services that you need, to seek the outcome that you want.