Probate can be carried out by a layperson or by a specialist solicitor who has experience and expertise in negotiating what can often prove to be a complex, time-consuming and bewildering area of the law. Inevitably, the question of probate will arrive at a difficult time for all concerned, and undertaking the process without legal support can be an onerous and thankless task – it may even prove to be divisive among relatives and beneficiaries – so choosing the right probate solicitor can make all the difference. PROBATE SERVICES FROM SPECIALIST SOLICITORS, FOR YOU Oratto exists so that it can put you in contact with the legal practitioner that is right for you. Our members are specialists and have experience of handling some of the most complex and difficult probate circumstances possible. When you come to Oratto, our priority is always to find you the right solicitor for your needs. Let us help you make contact with a probate solicitor today. In some circumstances it is strongly advised that a probate solicitor is instructed rather than a friend or family member doing it alone. Examples of this include situations where there are concerns regarding the enforceability or validity of a Will, where the estate is valued above the inheritance tax threshold, where a dependant is not included as a beneficiary but may have a claim on the estate, and where there is no Will but the estate is worth in excess of £250,000. Grant of Representation is necessary for probate to be obtained as it allows access to the deceased’s assets. Below are different the types of probate which can be obtained by filling out the form known as PA1: NAMED EXECUTORS GRANT OF PROBATE ADMINISTRATORS OF INTESTATE ESTATES LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATORS OF WILLS LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION(WITH WILL) The Inheritance tax threshold 46% of people aged between 55 and 64 have not made a Will 22% of those between 55 and 64 have not thought about making a Will 13% of those between 55 and 64 have made a Will but without help from a solicitor of British people have no Will of those with a Will have not told anyone where it is Probate takes an average of six to nine months to complete although it can take in excess of 12 months in more complex cases. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE A QUICK PROBATE GLOSSARY SOME PROBATE FACTS SOMETIMES A SOLICITOR IS ESSENTIAL GRANT OF REPRESENTATION Oratto can help ensure you find the right legal guidance from the outset, ensuring the instructions expressed in the Will are carried out as swiftly and non-divisively as possible. TESTATOR: the deceased (person who made the Will) ESTATE: assets and property of the deceased EXECUTOR: the person responsible for executing, or following through the instructions contained within the Will BENEFICIARY: a person, organisation or group of people that will receive a gift from the Will INTESTATE: a word describing the condition of dying with assets but no Will Probate may feel like a daunting minefield which you have to negotiate during an already difficult and stressful time. But it doesn't have to be. Oratto can help you find the guidance you need at a cost that is proportional to the matter in hand. We can assist you in finding a probate lawyer who will offer the highest level of service and expertise whilst undertaking the work under a competitive fixed price quote. Predictable, fixed fees for probate cases If you have already received a quote, tell us what you have been quoted and we will endeavour to beat that quote. Already received a quote for probate? The Oratto member lawyers with this icon against their profile provide fixed price probate services through our legal costs quotation system. Please click on the quote button and answer the questions in full. You can save your quote and return to it later if you don’t have all the information to hand. Guaranteed prices from expert probate lawyers Call me back Call today for a quote: 01243 850603 Compare probate legal fees Our legal fees quotation system allows those seeking a competitive fixed price probate quote to compare the prices of different lawyers in the same way as you might compare motor insurance or energy prices. Simply follow the link, answer the questions and receive a guaranteed price for probate work.