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13 November 2023



Are you the child or grandchild of a Spanish national? If you are, you may be entitled to reclaim Spanish nationality without the need of residing in Spain and without the need of successfully passing any exam. But beware of the impending deadline to apply!

The Ley de Memoria Democrática, also known as the Spanish Grandchildren law, provides for the children and grandchildren of originally Spanish nationals to apply for Spanish nationality on the back of their Spanish ancestors.

18 August 2023


Navigating the complexities of the legal system can be daunting, especially when concerns about costs arise. Fortunately, for those in the UK, legal aid provides a financial solution, ensuring justice isn't solely reserved for those who can afford it. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of legal aid across the UK's different legal jurisdictions and help you determine whether you qualify.

14 August 2023

What are indemnity provisions?

Indemnity provisions, also known as “indemnities” or “indemnity clauses”, are commonly included in contracts to allocate risk between contracting parties. If properly included, the indemnifying party (the “indemnifier”) will be obliged to compensate the indemnified party for losses which may occur as a result of a specified event, sometimes referred to as an indemnified event.

14 August 2023

 The recent U.S. Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) proposal to ban employers from imposing non-competition clauses (“non-competes”) on their workers has sparked lively debate. Support comes from those who believe the proposed rule would encourage entrepreneurship and innovation1 and ultimately accelerate economic growth. On the other hand, critics of the proposed rule argue that non-competes are necessary to protect confidential information, such as marketing strategies or pricing plans,2 although much of the opposition is focused on whether the FTC has the legal authority to pass the rule.

It is difficult to predict whether the proposed rule will actually come to pass but there have been 5000 public comments on it so far. It may be instructive to consider the treatment of non-competes in other common law jurisdictions like the United Kingdom (“UK”) and Singapore, where competing interests between the right of an employer to protect is confidential information, retain employees, and reduce competition are balanced against employees’ rights to market mobility, sometimes in slightly different ways and with different outcomes.

This article will attempt to briefly summarize the employment landscape in each jurisdiction with respect to non-compete agreements, highlight some differences between them, and in turn demonstrate the nuances between the jurisdictions, and their reputations as pro- employer or pro-employee jurisdictions.

09 August 2023


For the past few months, Oratto has been testing the UK’s first ever free 24/7 consumer-facing AI-powered legal advisor, developed by its technology partner, Simply.Law. It provides advice based on the laws of England & Wales by default but, if the user indicates a different location, e.g. Scotland, it can also advise on other legal jurisdictions.

Simply.Law, part of the Simply Technology Group, develops AI-driven legal software. It has developed the legal advisor solution using AI tools such as ChatGPT4.0 from OpenAI, exclusively for Oratto to use in the UK market (Simply.Law is also in active discussions to launch similar partnerships in other legal jurisdictions).

In our article “Live transcripts from an AI legal advisor – how am I doing? (Part 1)”, we discussed how this new service has been performing and began to share some transcripts of live conversations with real clients.

In Part 7, we are sharing an anonymised client conversation regarding an enquiry from an unmarried partner whose partner has taken money from their joint bank account: 

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