Studies show that the average person spends 90,000 hours of their life at work. With such a large proportion of time spent in the workplace, it's no wonder that employment law needs to be so comprehensively covered.

From recruitment and employment contracts to sick pay, pensions and tribunals, employment law covers a vast range of topics. And it's something which every employer needs to take seriously. With many businesses these days choosing to use an employment solicitor to ensure that they stay within the law, being aware of the relevant rules and procedures has never been so important.

At Oratto we have specialist lawyers trained in employment law who can help and advise on any employment issue. We can connect you instantly with a solicitor who has the experience where you need it whether you are start-up business or an established employer with a large number of employees.

Why do I need to know about employment law?

If you are an employer, you must comply with minimum statutory requirements regarding working hours, sick pay and annual leave as well as respecting a broad range of employee rights.

Employers can be liable for discrimination and victimisation, so should have written disciplinary and grievance procedures. The rules are tight and a proper understanding of them is crucial in the workplace.

Having a solicitor trained in employment law to advise you can be an invaluable asset to your business.

Do I need an employment lawyer?

There are several areas of employment law which need to be complied with; however it's not merely as simple as that. This legal area is ever-changing with constant updates and amendments to existing laws. A precedent that applies one month may not be relevant three months later. An Oratto member employment solicitor can help you stay abreast of any changes and advise you specifically about the impact upon your business.

Ultimately, your business is a vital part of your life – so why compromise it by taking unnecessary chances? At Oratto we are here to help you get the best legal advice to protect your interests so your business can grow and function efficiently and within the law. 

Contact Oratto today so that we can find you an expert member solicitor for fast, accurate advice on your employment law issues.

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