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Liam Kenealy

Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Practice Areas:

  • Employment

I provide advice and representation to employees and employers on a full range of workplace issues. Additionally I advise and represent clients who are facing disciplinary proceedings with a professional/governing body.

I have advised a wide variety of employees throughout my career, ranging from part-time shop workers who have not been paid their correct wages through to directors of multinational companies who have been dismissed. I spent three years advising clients on discrimination issues as part of the Government's Legal Help Scheme. My approach when advising individuals is to try and put myself in my client's position - how would I feel if that had happened to me? What would I want as a solution to this? - whilst at the same time applying the reality that is employment law to the situation. I am quite a straight-talking person and say it like it is. This approach has proved successful and I have been able to secure positive outcomes for many of my clients from employers such as the NHS, BT, and the Department of Work & Pensions.

I am more than happy to advise on Settlement Agreements. I am able to almost always provide the advice for the contribution the employer is offering meaning my clients do not have to dip in to their settlement money to cover the cost of legal advice.

I also advise employers. My clients have ben as varied as a joiner who was employing an apprentice through to the largest pub group in the UK. Ideally, I get to work with these clients on an on-going basis helping to prevent issues arising by ensuring all employment-related documents are up to date and that managers are suitably trained to deal with any issues that may arise. I can also be there for clients to 'fire fight' and assist them if something has gone wrong. I do not see it as my job to tell my clients what to do but to give them options and potential outcomes based on those options. They are then free to make the decision that suits their business.

Finally, I represent clients who are facing disciplinary action from their governing body, for example The Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC). Depending on the stage I am instructed I can look to have the allegations dropped during the investigation stage by submitting written responses to the allegations. If I am instructed later on in the process, or the allegations are not dropped following the written response, then I can represent clients at the hearings. Recently, I represented a nurse who after 27 years in the profession was facing a number of allegations that could have seen her struck off as a Nurse. Following a 4 day hearing the restrictions that had been in place for the previous 18 months were lifted and she was able to return to work on an unsupervised basis, allowing her to return to the profession she had always worked in.

Previous Employment

Howells Solicitors2011 - 2015

Employment Supervisor - supervising a team of up to 10 lawyers advising on discrimination matters under the Government's Legal Help Scheme.

PM Law2009 - 2011

Employment Solicitor - advising and representing employees who had the benefit of Legal Expenses Insurance as one of the insurance companies panel solicitors

Andersons Solicitors2009 - 2009

Employment Solicitor - advising and representing local employees and employers on employment matters

Ashton Morton Slack 2003 - 2009

Employment Solicitor - having worked in a number of departments as part of my training, took on responsibility for the firm's employment work, advising employees and employers on employment matters



Nottingham Trent


1999 - 2002

Law Degree


College of Law, York

2002 - 2003

Legal Practice Course


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