IT law encompasses a variety of legal areas but is mainly concerned with the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in relation to software development, the provision of technical development services, and the law surrounding the storage and sharing of data online. It also covers the laws in relation to cyber crime and disputes surrounding agreements for the provision of software and technical services.

The lawyers featured within this section of the Oratto website all have a thorough understanding of IT law and are specialists in their respective niche areas of this complex field. Whether you are seeking a lawyer to assist with the drafting of a software licensing agreement or you need the help of an IT specialist solicitor to help with litigation surrounding a licensing dispute, you will find the expertise you need within the lawyer profiles featured here.

Oratto member IT law solicitors have the necessary skills to advise you accurately on your individual situation, no matter how complex it may be.

Tech lawyers' fields of expertise

Common areas of IT law:

  • Data protection issues and the law surrounding storing and exchanging information in business
  • Software licensing and agreements
  • Software license disputes
  • SaaS service level agreements, drafting and negotiation
  • Drafting of technical development agreements
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Software patents
  • Cyber crime
  • Cyber security issues

Data management and the law

To at least some extent, most businesses and organisations manage data, operate computer systems, and are connected through networks of computers. When business managers fail to manage their systems effectively or breach their duties in terms of data security and confidentiality, it will often require the services of a specialist lawyer to help bring matters to a conclusion.

Oratto member IT law solicitors are highly skilled and experienced in assessing the minutiae of a situation. This area of law is always evolving and developing quickly, so having the expert help and guidance of lawyers with their finger on the pulse of relevant legislation and regulations can really make a difference.

At Oratto we can connect you with a member solicitor who will be able to quickly assess your situation to offer you pragmatic and astute legal advice, no matter what your IT law concern is.

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