An Englishman’s home is his castle”. With this in mind it’s understandable that feelings can run high over boundary disputes and conflict with neighbours.

Many more boundary disputes happen between the owners of adjacent residential properties than between agricultural or commercial neighbours. This is almost certainly because issues of the home become emotionally charged.

When do boundary disputes arise?

Boundary disputes occur in a variety of circumstances. For example, when too much reliance is placed on Land Registry plans - these plans are not meant to define exact boundaries and nor are they drawn to scale; a line on a plan could represent several metres on the ground. And when a dispute over metres involves your neighbours, conflict can suddenly be all too close to home.

A seemingly minor matter can often turn into quite a heated affair when land, or a parking space for example, is at stake.

Oratto can connect you with a solicitor experienced in dealing with boundary disputes. Together you can discuss options such as mediation and arbitration to try and draw the dispute to a close without the need for litigation. An expert solicitor from Oratto's list of members will be able to assess Title Deeds to your property and establish where the boundary lies.

Why do boundary disputes happen?

This is a very complex area of law. Boundaries tend not to remain rigidly fixed, they can shift over time. And it’s possible that they can have a large impact on your personal living space. This is why seeking advice from one of our highly qualified, Oratto member solicitors can be helpful, as it could stop a dispute escalating.

Whether you just need advice, or someone to guide you through making a court claim, Oratto is here to help. Get in touch today so we can help you stop your dispute in its tracks by connecting you with the right member solicitor for your circumstances.