Many people make the mistake of assuming that a ticket for a motoring offence such as speeding, drink driving or failure to stop is not contestable. In fact, with the right legal advice and representation from a suitably experienced motoring offence solicitor it may be possible to mount a successful defence. Of course, for some offences a ban is inevitable. However, this does not mean the length of the ban is a foregone conclusion. A skilled legal representative can help you reduce your ban, ensuring that your life – personal and professional – is subject to only the minimum inconvenience. Drink driving is deemed to be a very serious offence, but with the right specialist advice from the earliest possible stage it may be possible to successfully defend a charge.There are various technical defences available, from procedural error defences to the so-called “hip flask” defence where it may be possible to prove that although you were over the limit at the time of giving your sample, you were not so at the time of being stopped.Furthermore, even in cases where it may not be possible to prove you were not drink driving, it may be advantageous to argue that your culpability may be mitigated by “special reasons”. For example, your drink may have been spiked or you may have not taken to the wheel of your own free will. - MALE DRIVERS IN UK - MALE DRIVERS WITH SPEEDING CONVICTIONS *2014 FOI Request to DVLA - FEMALE DRIVERS IN UK - FEMALE DRIVERS WITH SPEEDING CONVICTIONS In cases where a driver has failed to give a specimen of breath, blood or urine it may be possible to provide some mitigation in the event that a reasonable excuse or exceptional circumstances can be argued.However, in order to mount a convincing argument, it is essential for a defendant to have the representation and advice of a suitably experienced road traffic offence lawyer to negotiate the appeals process. Reasonable excuse can be difficult to argue; however, any driver with respiratory issues, psychiatric issues surrounding needles or another relevant medical condition may be able to demonstrate, on the balance of probabilities, that he or she is not guilty. Another possibility is the procedural defence – for example, if the police failed to inform the driver that he or she could be prosecuted for not providing a specimen. An allegation of dangerous or careless driving is very serious and requires a robust and intelligent defence based on factual defence and careful understanding or all the relevant technicalities.Certain cases are deemed more serious than others. These include instances where the defendant was driving aggressively, was considerably in excess of the speed limit, was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or was driving without a licence. Breath 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100ml of breath Blood 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100ml of blood Urine Maximum of 107 milligrams of alcohol in 100ml of urine Not all speeding offences are regarded in the same way, with some considered relatively minor and others considered to be very serious.Whether your alleged speeding offence is related to speed camera evidence, laser gun evidence or the involvement of an unmarked police car, in many cases a conviction is by no means inevitable even though the police may give you the impression that your only option is to plead guilty. SPEEDING CONVICTIONS DRINK DRIVING SOLICITORS - LEGAL DEFENCE FAILURE TO GIVE A SPECIMEN DANGEROUS AND CARELESS DRIVING CARELESS DRIVING PENALTIES WARNING MAY BE ISSUED WITH NO FURTHER ACTION DISCRETIONARY DRIVING LICENCE DISQUALIFICATION NOTICE OF INTENDED PROSECUTION COURT SUMMONS CUSTODIAL SENTENCE 3-11 PENALTY POINTS FINE OF UP TO £2,500 MEN ARE 12 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO CAUSE DEATH BY DANGEROUS DRIVING THAN WOMEN SOURCE: Police recorded crime figures for death caused by dangerous driving in the 12 months to September 2012 & 2013. Following parliamentary question, reported by RAC. THE RIGHT DRIVING OFFENCE LAWYER FOR YOU, AT YOUR FINGERTIPS *Ministry of Justice THE NUMBER OF SPEEDING FINES ISSUED 2010-2013* PROSECUTIONS GUILTY VERDICTS 92% CONVICTIONS AGAINST MEN 8% CONVICTIONS AGAINST WOMEN DEATH BY DANGEROUS DRIVING CONVICTIONS IN ENGLAND AND WALES FOR DEATH CAUSED BY DANGEROUS DRIVING DEATH BY CARELESS DRIVING 24,446,143 1,625,211 21,667,400 721,156 LEAST SERIOUS OFFENCES MOST SERIOUS OFFENCES CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE

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