On some Premium Member Profile rating badges you may have noticed a series of stars, which signify that lawyers have made a contribution towards the Oratto website.

Contributing Members can gain up to five stars through a points system. Stars are added as the requisite level of points are gained.

5 points
10 points
20 points
30 points
40 points

Points can be earned in one of two ways.

1. You can write a blog on your own law firm's website about the area of law you specialise in. It must be highly relevant, informative and interesting to potential customers about your practice area or provide commentary on a specific recent case. The blog must contain only unique content (aggregated content will not qualify) and it must be a new blog post. Each blog must contain a 'do follow' hyperlink link to the most relevant wiki page on the Oratto website and will qualify for 5 points. If your law firm website does not contain a blog feed, you can post a news article instead.

2. Alternatively you can write an article to be published within the wiki section of the Oratto website. This must be unique, informative content written for the benefit of Oratto consumers, promoting a single area of law in which you specialise. We encourage you to highlight how your expertise will benefit Oratto customers in that particular legal niche. Articles should not promote the broad range of legal services carried out by your firm or unrelated events such as charity events or general news concerning your firm. We reserve the right to edit articles in order to maximise their benefit for the Oratto legal wiki and for our users. Each article published will qualify for 3 points. If you share the article on a social media platform (eg. twitter, Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn), the article will qualify for a further 2 points.

What other benefits are there to Contributor status?

We believe in give and take. So as a Contributor, you will also qualify to receive cases from Oratto under the Oratto Match system of referrals.

Some consumers ask Oratto to match or recommend them to a particular lawyer, to deal with their case, rather than going direct to a lawyer through the comparison feature. As a Contributor, you will be our first port of call when an Oratto customer has asked us to find them a lawyer with a particular skill set within a given location. Such cases will be subject to the usual referral fees.