If you are considering taking the brave step of making a child abuse claim, it is essential that you have only the best and most sensitive solicitor on hand to advise you. In this section Oratto has gathered the profiles of child abuse claim solicitors who can provide you with authoritative and confidential representation to help you take action against the party or parties who caused you harm. In many cases their services will be on a no win, no fee basis.

Proving abuse

For a child abuse claim to be successful it must be proven that the abuse occurred and has had a lasting physical or psychological impact.

Doing this may involve a lot of work, from interviewing witnesses and searching through records to gathering evidence of how the abuse continues to be felt in the present day.

Claimants should be prepared for the possibility that cases may take several years to be resolved. This is because defendants often try all possible measures to delay or defend a claim and in some instances they may be powerful community figures with strong legal teams.

In addition to bringing a civil child abuse claim you may wish to also register your complaint with the police (if you have not already done so); it is easier to proceed with a civil claim if the abuser has also received a criminal conviction in relation to the offence.

It is worth bearing in mind that there are time limits in place for the making of a child abuse claim; however, due to the grave nature of child abuse and its traumatic impact there are, fortunately, many ways a skilled child abuse claim solicitor can proceed with a case, even if it is technically "out of time".

Sensitive advice and representation from specialist solicitors

Oratto has gathered a list of child abuse claim solicitors who specialise in this area of the law and therefore bring authority and experience to every compensation claim for physical and sexual abuse they take on.

Areas of expertise include the following:

  • Abuse in a private home
  • Abuse in a care facility
  • Abuse in a local authority facility
  • Abuse in a foster home
  • Abuse in a church or religious organisation
  • Abuse in a youth group
  • Abuse in a sporting organisation
  • Abuse in a school or other educational setting
  • Historical abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological abuse

It is worth remembering that there may be more than one possible way for your claim to proceed. For example, in some cases although the abuse might have been perpetrated by a single individual it may make sense to claim against his or her employer in order to achieve the best possible chance of success.

Oratto child abuse claim solicitors

The paramount concern of every one of Oratto's child abuse claim solicitors is to obtain some level of justice for claimants who have suffered unnecessary suffering as a result of the unacceptable actions of individuals or organisations whose chief concern should have been ensuring care for vulnerable children.

We understand that deciding to proceed with a child abuse claim is difficult, but we also understand the importance of ensuring that responsible parties are held accountable, prevented from carrying out any more illegal acts, and that some level of compensation is paid.

Our solicitors provide discreet and confidential advice and are committed to helping you proceed on your terms.

Search through our member solicitor profiles to find the specialist who is right for you today.