Upgrading to Premium status means that your profile will be featured above the profiles of the Standard Oratto Member Lawyers on the legal information and articles pages relevant to your areas of legal expertise. With Premium status, your profile will be seen in a more prominent position by more consumers more frequently.

Premium status will not affect your Oratto rating, thus even if your rating is lower than that of a standard member lawyer, you may still appear above some standard lawyers' profiles in the results where the rating filter has not been used.

To qualify for Premium status, you must display your Oratto rating badge against your profile on your own firm's website. We provide you a snippet of code that can be pasted onto the webpage. As your Oratto rating changes, your badge will then be automatically updated. Each badge contains an embedded hyperlink to your Oratto profile page and signifies your Premium status. This is very similar to putting a twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ link in your profile or your email signature.

Premium status demonstrates to us and the users of the website a commitment to Oratto and to your keeping your online profile on the site up to date.

We will automatically be notified when you upload your badge to your website and upgrade you to Premium status within a few days.

How do I upgrade from Premium to Contributor?