The law of contracts is one of the widest-ranging and most crucial areas of law for businesses. Therefore, commercial agreements solicitors hold a vital role in this legal sphere as having watertight contracts to govern business agreements is key to ensuring successful transactions.

Whether the agreements are between customers and suppliers or business to business solicitors skilled in drafting commercial contracts are at the very centre of developing and establishing effective business relations.

What agreements are covered by commercial contract law?

Oratto member lawyers are experienced in advising on various types of commercial contracts. These include:

  • IP licences
  • Contracts for the supply of goods and/or services
  • Agency and distribution agreements
  • Franchise agreements

Why do we need to get the law right on this?

Protecting your business from disputes is very important. Having the right agreements in place at the start can help to achieve this. Whether your needs are complex or straightforward, Oratto member commercial agreements solicitors have the expertise required to handle your contract requirements.

Commercial litigation is a rapidly expanding area of law with more and more businesses turning to the law to protect them when things go wrong. Ensuring that you have the correct legal protection in place for your business agreements is absolutely necessary.

What are the key points in commercial contracts?

To ensure commercial compliance and security, all contracts need to follow three basic steps. They need to be in writing, carefully executed and properly stored. With increasing numbers of agreements being executed electronically these days, complications are frequent. Commercial agreements solicitors are skilled at offering high quality advice specifically tailored to your situation to help protect your interests.

To create a binding commercial agreement, certain formalities must be met and the text of the agreement made absolutely clear. Setting out the liabilities and responsibilities of each party beholden to the contract is imperative. If this doesn’t happen the consequences can be expensive and cause time-consuming damage to key business relationships.

Our Oratto member commercial agreements solicitors will be able to provide personal advice and take part in negotiations, as well as drafting terms and ensuring implementation. We can also advise you on any jurisdictional considerations that may arise as a result of your commercial agreement, especially if you have business interests elsewhere in the EU and abroad.

However, regardless of preventative measures, sometimes problems will occur. If this happens, Oratto will be able to connect you instantly with a solicitor skilled in your area of dispute; whether you are the one enforcing the contract or not.

Let Oratto find a commercial lawyer experienced in the field you need so that we can get working for you today. With top-quality advice, ease of contact and timely communication being among our main areas of focus, your commercial agreement needs will be in safe hands.