Distribution agreements will be among some of the most important business agreements that a company will make. Not only do they provide clarity on a number of issues such as territory, products, price and payment terms, but they also protect from EC and UK competition law breaches.

How Oratto works

Oratto is a web-based platform which focuses upon providing high quality, easy to access, legal services for consumers. Making a properly informed choice is vital in business legal solutions and Oratto gives you a quick and easy route to engage with the lawyer you need - offering the highest calibre of business services. All the lawyers featured on this page are specialists in the preparation and drafting of distribution agreements.

Their skill set and expertise will encompass the concept of general prohibition (that which prevents companies from signing distribution agreements which may have an anti-competitive effect) to guarding consumer welfare and expanding your business into new territories whilst being cognisant of any restrictions necessary.

Distribution agreements

A vertical agreement is one between a distributor and a supplier and new rules were brought in relating to these agreements on June 1 2015. These new rules were needed primarily because of the dramatic landscape change within the world of commerce and particularly the enormous, game-changing growth of internet sales. Therefore, all distribution agreements are potentially in breach of UK and EU competition law - Oratto member solicitors will provide a thorough, careful, comprehensive agreement in order to avoid any such breaches.

As with any business agreement, distribution agreements must be enforceable and accurate so as not to compromise your commercial operations. It is vital to avoid unsound clauses and ensure that particular phrases are inserted where appropriate. Key areas that your lawyer will consider for you include:

  • Exclusive distribution
  • Sole, selective and non-exclusive distribution
  • Term and termination
  • Performance criteria
  • Limiting liability
  • Risk and transfer of title to goods

The choice of lawyers made available to you on this page means that you can select who you think will best fit your circumstances. All of our member solicitors are highly trained and will work with you to identify what your commercial needs are and ensure that your distribution agreements are in line with all of your requirements.

Contacting Oratto

Once you have identified the right lawyer for you, you can contact them through Oratto. The ease of access to legal advice means that no time is wasted in drawing up your agreement. Click any one of the contact facility buttons at the top of the page and we can get things started.

How will your business be protected through your distribution agreement?

As with all commercial agreements, there are a number of factors which are highly relevant when completing the first draft. The law offers protection to businesses in a number of forms and the lawyer you select will apply the right ones. These include:

  • The ‘safe harbour' market share principle
  • Assessment of any potential restrictive terms, which, if contained within an agreement, run the risk of breaching competition law
  • Changes in the mass retailing sector regarding vertical restraints
  • Incorporating a new approach to vertical agreements concerning internet sales

For all of your distribution agreement needs, contact Oratto today and select the lawyer for you. Don't delay, start working immediately to construct the right agreement for you and your business.

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