Oratto's member energy law solicitors all work from a position of authority and understanding to bring you the knowledge and expertise you require to help you deal with this evolving area of the law.

All pride themselves on their experience, dedication and ability to keep abreast of the ever-chancing regulations and technologies that define energy legislation and renewable energy law.

The following is just a sample of the kinds of work our member energy law solicitors specialise in:

  • Renewable energy law
  • Energy legislation
  • Natural resource management
  • Waste oil and gas
  • Financing, investment and development
  • Planning and environmental advice
  • Acquisition and disposal
  • Land acquisition
  • Wind generation projects
  • Solar energy projects
  • Hydroelectric projects
  • Licensing
  • Off Shore projects

Renewable law advice

Many of Oratto's energy lawyers are drawn from firms that pride themselves on a dedication to renewable energy projects.

If you work in this sector and would like legal advice that can add value to your project while also bringing a depth of understanding to all your key concerns, contact Oratto today for help achieving the objectives that are at the heart of your project.

Contact Oratto's energy law solicitors today

Oratto's member energy law solicitors bring dedication, experience and expertise to all the important regulatory and legal issues affecting those working in the natural resources and renewable energy sector.

Our members provide the full span of services in this area and can advise any type of client – from individuals working on small or community-led projects to conglomerates involved in large-scale onshore and offshore projects.

Oratto's mission is to connect consumers with the right lawyer for their needs so they can receive advice and representation from a lawyer who is a specialist in their particular area of concern.

Best of all, our service is free of charge to you, which means you can make empowered choices regarding your legal advice and representation without a single dent in your accounts.