IT and communications technologies are evolving at an exponential rate; this is reflected in the laws, regulations and contract models governing the sector. Good legal advice and representation should help you ensure that your plans and responses are perfectly adapted to all the challenges and requirements you will face.

Oratto's specialist member telecommunication lawyers work across the full span of specialisms in the IT law sector and bring you a dedicated and innovative legal service.

In fact, wherever you are in the country, you can be confident that Oratto will help you find the IT lawyer who is perfect for you, your case and your location. Our lawyers' areas of expertise include the following:

  • Regulation
  • Wireless and fixed operators
  • Mobile application developers and investors
  • Service providers
  • Broadcasters
  • Content providers
  • The Communications Act
  • The Competition Act
  • Intellectual property licensing
  • Big data
  • Data centres
  • Office of Communications

Expertise from all angles

Oratto's specialists work across the communications industry but also bring additional related legal expertise, including competition law, contracts law, intellectual property law and employment law.

Whether you are challenging a regulatory decision, seeking damages, engaged in a dispute or looking for an injunction, our members can help you achieve your objectives with clarity and confidence.

Oratto, helping you make properly informed choices

Oratto empowers the consumers of legal services to make properly informed choices by giving them a straightforward route to engage with the lawyer who is best suited to their needs and circumstances.

Best of all, this service is completely free of charge to the consumer, meaning that they achieve transparency, clarity and confidence at no cost.

Get in touch with the telecommunications lawyer who is right for you today by using one of the contact options listed on this page.