Oratto's member commercial lawyers include specialists across the country who have experience and expertise in advising and representing Church of England parishes and clergy in matters related to canon law, employment law, disputes, and issues of church land and rights of way.

Our members also represent boards, councils, businesses and other parties in matters concerning ecclesiastical and canon law.

Although in its strictest sense "ecclesiastical law" can be said only to apply to matters related to the Church of England's Measures, our specialists are also able to advise religious organisations and churches outside the Church of England, including the following:

  • Church in Wales
  • Methodist Church
  • Roman Catholic Church

Oratto members' areas of expertise

Areas of Oratto member expertise include the following:

  • Employment law
  • Appointment of clergy
  • Legal and structural issues related to charities and trusts
  • Marriage law
  • Church buildings and heritage law
  • Issues of jurisdiction
  • Church land and glebe law
  • Parish re-structuring
  • Consecrations
  • Advowsons
  • Relevant areas of secular law
  • Data protection
  • Equality and diversity advice
  • Freedom of religion
  • Commercial agreements

Finding a specialist is easy; by using the Oratto platform to make an intelligent search of our members it is easy to find the lawyer who is right for you.

Ecclesiastical lawyers in your diocese

Ecclesiastical and canon law is a highly complex and specialist area of practice that requires experience and understanding specific to your diocese. Having the right commercial solicitor acting for you and protecting your interests means that your legal position is immediately strengthened and that you have the protection you require.

There are a number of ways to contact Oratto, by phone, an online chat or by filling in our Oratto Match form; either way, we will quickly and efficiently ensure you are put in contact with a member solicitor who is right for you – and, best of all, the process is entirely free.

Oratto member lawyers – always working with you.