The decision to set up an agreement between your business and an agent is one which needs careful consideration. It can open potentially lucrative new avenues in terms of marketing and trade connections, or give you immediate access to local knowledge, but only if handled correctly and if the right agreement for you is drawn up.

How your agency agreement will help you

Taking the sales and marketing function of your business and allowing others to have an impact upon this is a very big step to take. By signing an agency agreement it's important to remember that you are creating a fiduciary relationship which leaves you bound to the decisions of a third party. An agent will be acting on your behalf during the seeking, negotiating and conclusion stages of a contract and they will have the authority to act on your behalf. Though this may well save you time and money in relation to your own marketing, it's vital to seek professional advice from a lawyer who specialises in agency agreements to ensure that any business conducted is done so in accordance with the terms agreed between you and your agent.

The Oratto concept

Oratto is a web based platform which focuses upon providing high quality, easy to access, legal services for consumers. When dealing with business legal solutions, making a properly informed choice is vital and Oratto provides you with the tools to compare a variety of lawyers from different practices so that you can decide who is best for your requirements. All of the member lawyers featured on this page are highly experienced in the preparation and drafting of agency agreements.

Creating the right agency agreement for you

Your chosen lawyer will be able to advise you on the specifics of an agency agreement that will support and facilitate your business dealings. This includes advice on using an intermediary to trade both nationally and internationally when expanding your business dealings. It's vital to get the correct clauses into any agency agreement so both parties are absolutely clear on what is expected of them throughout the course of the arrangement.

Contacting Oratto

Oratto has been developed to facilitate ease of access to the highest calibre of business legal solutions. Once you have selected a lawyer who specialises in agency agreements from this page, you can contact them immediately by contacting us. Alternatively, please use the Oratto Match facility link and we will choose a selection of lawyers who we feel best match your needs.

Further advice

Your chosen solicitor will be able to advise you across the board on any potential complexities of using an agent in your business dealings. For example, it's important to remember that agents have certain rights enshrined in law, as well as extensive duties imposed upon them, and these must be taken into account. In some circumstances the Commercial Agents (Council) Directive Regulations 1993 may apply. These give extra rights to agents, on which your lawyer can advise.

Accurate legal advice is imperative in order to construct an appropriate, binding agency agreement to regulate the relationship, as well as working within the Commercial Agents Regulations and any demands of competition law.

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