Having a solid service level agreement (SLA) in place is a priority for businesses. It's vital to be clear about the precise details of which services are provided and which are not – especially if this deviates from the service norm. Having a document which specifies, amongst other things, key management considerations and which provides a method of comprehensive monitoring for service provision is an important tool for businesses to maintain effective function.

A high standard SLA is vital in securing and maintaining a successful client relationship. People like to have certainties and being able to rely on an extensive service level agreement is one of the most reassuring business certainties that there is.

Oratto - legal solutions for SLAs

All of the solicitors on this page are experts in the preparation and drafting of service level agreements and will be happy to advise you from the outset. However, if you are not sure which lawyer to select then you may find Oratto's Match facility useful. This function allows you to submit your details to us along with your SLA requirements and we will then match you with the most suitable lawyer for your needs.

Creating a successful SLA

One of the key considerations in constructing a strong service level agreement is maintaining an element of flexibility. It's important to be able to return to agreements of this nature regularly to review, or update, the terms. Your chosen Oratto member solicitor will be able to help ensure that this happens. Too many problems can arise, with expensive consequences, if service level agreements are not agreed properly. Therefore, it's vital to have a document in place which is flexible and can be altered or expanded to meet your business needs.

Key components of an effective SLA

  • details of service provision
  • availability
  • compliance

Your chosen lawyer will be able to build a strong service level agreement which meets all of your business needs. Oratto member solicitors have solid experience in this field and they will use clear and open communication to create a fully functional document to contribute to your business success.

Managing expectations is an important aspect of service level agreements and having a lawyer upon whom you can rely is a vital aspect of this area of business. Your chosen solicitor will help you identify where your key business metric lies and then create an SLA which effectively highlights what is important to the parties involved and particularly the business units which generate revenue.

From infrastructure-based service level agreements, to more basic options, your Oratto member lawyer will help you create an SLA of a high standard which will bring a very tangible benefit to your business operations.