The Oratto rating is calculated using an algorithm that we have built using some smart software to provide an automated rating engine.

Each aspect of your profile is measured and a score applied. We regard some aspects of your profile as being more important than others and as such certain components of your profile will be given a higher weighting than others.

What components of your profile do we use in our algorithm for the rating engine and what is important?

  • The most important thing is to complete every field of your profile with information about you and the work you undertake. High ratings can only be achieved by having a comprehensive and fully completed profile.
  • Secondly, the uniqueness of your summary information, your profile description and your experience will also attract additional points. Try to vary the content from that on your own law firm's website by making your profile more comprehensive, more engaging and by demonstrating your knowledge and experience in your niche areas of law.
  • Case studies are an important element of our rating engine. We measure both the number of case studies and the frequency at which they are uploaded against your profile. You will attain higher scores through regular updates.
  • Testimonials also figure as an important element of our rating engine. Like case studies, the more testimonials you can upload and the frequency at which they are uploaded will count towards your ultimate rating.
  • If you have handled cases that have later been published – upload the published case reviews to the published cases section of your profile to leverage additional scores.
  • We take into account any awards you have won from recognised organisations. Be sure to list all these from university through your working life.
  • We take into account any relevant industry associations you belong to. These demonstrate that you are serious about your job and being a lawyer.
  • Specialisation is an important key to attaining high ratings. You will score additional points by specialising in just one or two areas of law.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge through your profile description. We take into account the level of detail expressed in your profile to assess your level of expertise in your specialist area of law.
  • Leadership positions within legal associations is also something we deem to be important. Ensure that your position within the local law society or within any associated legal organisation is recognised through your profile.
  • Your post qualification experience also has a bearing on your profile rating.
  • Education – be sure to list your university, law college and where you performed your training contract – all promote additional points.
  • Press cuttings. List any mentions within the press alongside any quotes made about the work you have performed in the past – these are all evaluated and scores added for completeness.