Let's not beat about the bush - when you die, someone will have to sort out your affairs. It's a cold, hard fact, but it's the truth. If you care about what happens to your home, your wealth and your family, you should make a Will. Oratto can put you in touch with a solicitor for Wills who can cater for your personal circumstances - whether you need a simple Will to ensure your direct dependants share your estate or you have complex financial commitments and investments which need careful distribution. Without a Will you would be considered intestate - this means that the Treasury decides what happens to your estate (all your wealth and assets). For cohabiting couples, this means that the partner, no matter how long they have lived together, does not have an automatic right to inherit an estate. Although the rules of intestacy mean your dependants, if they can be traced, will still benefit from your estate you won't get a say in how your money is divided between them. So, if you are separated from a spouse or civil partner, but you have not yet divorced or sought a dissolution, your former spouse will still be entitled to your money. Almost 48% of those with a Will have reviewed it within the last 3 years 30% have not reviewed the Will in the last 3 years 21.8% have never reviewed their Will* Of the people with a Will, more than a quarter (25%) had experienced a significant change in their circumstances (such as marriage, divorce, having children) since writing their Will. This means their Will may be invalid or not reflect their wishes* *2015 research by WillAid.Org *2015 research by WillAid.Org (it was possible to give more than one reason) In 2010 the Treasury gained £53 million from people dying intestate - in 2009 it was £76 million Research carried out in 2015 by WillAid.Org revealed that 53% (27 million) of UK adults do not have a Will of people do not know where their nearest relative's Will is located of cohabiting couples UK-wide don't have a Will* The South, including the South East and the South West, have the highest percentage of people with a Will, followed by East Anglia Residents of Wales have the lowest proportion of people with a Will – 33% What happens if I die before I make a Will? REASONS GIVEN FOR NOT MAKING A WILL REVIEWING A WILL CHANGE OF CIRCUMSTANCES DON'T LEAVE YOUR ESTATE TO CHANCE - WRITE A WILL TODAY Have not got around to it Not necessary to make a Will Don’t want to think about it Nothing of value to bequest Too young to make a Will CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE