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Our legal fees quotation system allows you to compare competitive fixed-price probate quotes from different lawyers in the same was as you might compare motor insurance or energy prices.

  • Instant quotes on your screen
  • No need for face-to-face meeting with lawyers
  • No legal bills to pay until the estate is settled
  • Your privacy is our priority
  • Friendly guidance through every step

Simply follow the quote link, answer the questions and the prices of each lawyer will be shown on screen.

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Already received a quote from a professional executor and it’s too expensive?

The deceased may have named an individual solicitor, a law firm or a bank as a professional executor in their Will. Sometimes their charges weren't agreed at the time of their appointment, or you may have been surprised by the charges they are quoting. It is not unusual for executors and beneficiaries to find themselves in this situation. You do not have to use the named professional executor's firm to carry out any work relating to the grant of probate or estate administration and are free to choose an independent solicitor to handle the work for you.

These are options available to those who wish to choose an alternative firm to deal with the deceased's estate and not have the professional executor involved in the estate administration.

Click here for further information concerning professional executors

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