By creating a Will you are able to lay down your last wishes for your wealth and assets clearly. And by instructing a Wills solicitor you are helping to ensure that your estate goes where you want it to when you are no longer here.

Oratto member solicitors for Will writing have years of experience in creating binding documents that reflect the decisions of testators clearly, simply and accurately; helping to avoid any dispute.

Following the death of a loved one emotions can often run high and it can be hard to think practically about inheritance issues. Your Wills solicitor can be the person who liaises with your family, to deal with any disputes or problems.

Why should I make a Will?

Studies suggest that seven out of ten people will die without having a Will in place (dying intestate). Making a Will is a good idea in general, but there are also specific reasons why you should ensure that your last wishes are drafted carefully:

  • Having a Will means it will be simpler for friends or family to administer your estate on your death
  • Without a Will the state will deal with your estate in accordance with inheritance law, rather than to your instructions
  • A well-drafted Will can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax (IHT) your beneficiaries have to pay. IHT is levied on all wealth above a government stipulated threshold
  • A Will is especially important if you have children and need to appoint a guardian, or if you want to leave specific things to specific people

How can I make a will?

Constructing your Will can be complex, so it’s important that every detail is correct. Your Oratto member lawyer will have a solid knowledge of the legal facts which means they can make your Will say what you want it to say.

A solicitor for Will writing can advise you on matters of structure, wording and how to create trusts or add codicils, as well as the appointment of executors. Oratto member lawyers are experienced in creating binding documents which reflect your last wishes clearly and accurately.

What happens if there’s no will?

Leaving no Will is known as dying intestate. If this happens and there is no appointed executor, then the state will be in charge of distributing your estate – which may not be in a way which reflects your wishes.

Oratto can connect you instantly with a solicitor who will listen carefully to your decisions, however complex, and find the right way to draft your Will in accordance with the law.

For a sensitive and pragmatic approach to making your will, contact Oratto today and allow us to help you turn your life into your legacy.