Many areas of the law are demanding to administrate and complex to understand. Wills and estate planning is an area which needs careful consideration by the individual, a sensitive approach by the legal advisor, and an appreciation of the fact that this document reflects a person's after life wishes. Getting it right is crucial.

Oratto member Wills solicitors are experienced in all matters arising from estate planning and Will drafting through years of working with families to create and maintain valid wills.

You have probably spent a large proportion of your life working for the comfort and security of your family. So, it's quite natural to want to make sure that this continues when you are gone. A properly constructed Will can put things in place to make that happen. Oratto member Wills solicitors can take you through each stage of creating a Will and ensure that it says what you want it to.

What exactly is a Will?

A Will is simply a legal document which sets out what the person would like to happen to their estate when they die. It contains all the pertinent information to ensure that their wishes are reflected clearly and accurately.

What can a Will say?

In your Will, you can say what is to happen to any of your assets after your death. This can be making token sums available for family members or deciding who should take ownership of the family business. Oratto member wills solicitors are experts in constructing clear and precise wills.

Is it important to have a Will?

It's very important to have a valid Will drawn up to cover eventualities. It will allow you to organise your affairs and distribute property as you wish. This is a legal document which will perpetuate after your death, allowing you to state exactly what your wishes are.

It is particularly important to make a Will if:

  • you have children. If they are under 18 then you will need to appoint a legal guardian for them. This is something that you should consider carefully as it can be a large responsibility and it's vital to make sure that all parties are aware of the implications. Similarly, you may wish to create a trust fund for your children and this will need careful creation and administration.
  • you have a large estate. It's not uncommon for family feuds to erupt if there are large amounts of money at stake and a well-drafted Will can pre-empt this with precise and clearly articulated decisions.
  • you own multiple properties or have complex business arrangements. Making and recording decisions in respect of business arrangements and property assets will prevent problems occurring when you have gone.
  • you have very strong or specific wishes. You are the only person who can properly say what you want to happen to your wealth upon your death and by writing it down in a Will you are ensuring that there can be no confusion or room for argument.

What should be included in a Will?

You should appoint an executor, or executors, to administer your Will. This must be someone whom you trust and who understands the size and nature of the task. You can use a solicitor as a professional executor, but this will incur a fee.

In your Will you can also state any funeral plans that you would like carried out. Some people have distinct preferences and some don't. If it's the former, then by consulting a solicitor for Wills then you can ensure that everything is recorded exactly as you wish.

What should I do if I need to make a change to my Will?

It is possible to make amendments once your Will is finalised; however, it is imperative that the proper procedures are followed to enable this. The changes may not be valid if you don't adhere to the correct wording and process. The method of altering the terms of a Will is via a codicil. Put simply, a codicil is a legal tool for making the appropriate changes to an existing document.

It's never the nicest thing to be considering what will happen after you are gone. However, by taking the time to speak to Oratto member solicitors, and laying everything out in accordance with your wishes, you can make a difficult job a little easier. It also means that the burden of pressure on your family is eased. Administrating a Will is often a sombre and emotional time. Oratto can make sure that you are connected with a solicitor you are comfortable with. Our member lawyers are acting on years of experience and they are guaranteed to approach your situation sensitively, tactfully and supportively.

Oratto member Wills solicitors – experts in creating the document that will look after your family when you are gone.