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Charles Stansfield

Manchester, United Kingdom

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Charles qualified as a solicitor in 1973 and has over 40 years’ legal experience.  He started his career practising criminal law but for the past 27 years has predominantly specialised in Road Traffic and Road Transport Law setting up his own law firm, Charles Stansfield & Co in 1989. 

He specialises exclusively in representing and advising private motorists, professional drivers and transport companies throughout England and Wales when they face prosecution.

He is a panel solicitor for the Road Haulage Association and Freight Transport Association who are the major professional associations for the road transport industry in the UK. 

 He was a founder member/Vice President of the Association of Motor Offence Lawyers.

Previous Employment


Charles qualified as a solicitor in 1973 and immediately started in an advocacy role as a Prosecuting Solicitor in Cambridge returning to the North West to prosecute in Greater Manchester.  There followed three years as a defence lawyer for the major criminal law firm in Hong Kong.
Charles returned to England at the end of 1979, prosecuted for a short while and then went into private practice as a defence advocate also continuing to prosecute as agent for the Crown Prosecution Service.  It was at this stage that Charles started to specialise in Road Traffic and Road Transport Law becoming an appointed lawyer for the Road Haulage Association and Freight Transport Association, the major professional associations for the road transport industry in the UK.
By 1989 Road Traffic Law was occupying virtually all of Charles’s time and he took the step of forming his own law firm undertaking exclusively that type of business.
Charles represents motorists and transport companies throughout England and Wales and is a familiar face in Magistrates Courts all over the country. Following his selection by the Lord Chancellor Charles completed five years part-time appointment as what is now a District Judge in the busy city courts of Bradford and Stoke-on-Trent.


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N. Clough

"If you have a motoring conviction problem then I would fully recommend you contact Charles Stansfield. My 21 year old son is a civil engineer. He has an HGV and his job entails a lot of driving. If he lost his licence he would, quite simply, lose his job! He already had 3 points on his licence from a speeding offence in his car early in 2013. At the end of 2013 the stupid boy seemed in danger of accumulating a 12 point total. He was again stopped for speeding, (36mph in a 30 limit) and, in a seperate incident, his lorry was checked at the roadside and found to be overloaded on the rear axle and on its total weight, two seperate charges and we were informed it would be 3 points for each offence. With the further 3 for the latest speeding, he would have 12 points and lose his licence. I have 2 things in life that I don`t trust. One is the internet, the other is solicitors. Solicitors who advertise on the internet would rate even higher! Looking for some reliable information about the likely outcome of my son`s case, the following Saturday afternoon I, quite by chance, came across the name of Charles Stansfield who, apparently, would give advice on motoring convictions. I almost didn`t bother, then thought, "It`s Saturday afternoon, I won`t hear anything till Monday at the earliest. Then it will be from some junior clerk who wants my bank account details and then an account of what happened, in that order." So I put my phone details in. Less than an hour later the phone rang. It was Charles Stansfield. I gave an account of the situation. His whole manner was calm and reassuring. He didn`t mention money, he just gave advice! He was adamant that, contrary to what I had already been told, overloading is not an endorsable offence so my son would not be given points. By the time CharlesStansfield had eased my worries it was me who suggested that I owe him something for his help. His advice was that the course of action was entirely up to me and, while it wouldn`t be worth our while his appearing in court for us, if I wanted him to write a letter on my son`s behalf just to make sure that the Clerk of Courts was fully aware that this was a non-endorsable offence, he would do that for a very modest fee. We agreed on this course of action but I should further point out that I was further impressed by the fact that he did not write us a letter and then take the attitude of, "There`s your letter. You handle it." He took control of the whole situation and, literally, all we had to do was sit back and wait for the judge`s decision which was exactly as Charles Stansfield had said, a fine but no points. He sounds, from our phone conversations, quite a guy, this Charles Stansfield. Certainly down to earth and knows his stuff. I may add, to end the saga, that my son was given the option of a speed awareness course for his second speeding offence so still only has 3 points on his licence. I hope he`s learned his lesson and I won`t be needing to contact Charles Stansfield again. But I`ll keep his number just in case"!


"I decided to hire Mr Stansfield who I found via Google and was highly recommended, after researching him there. From the moment I spoke to him until the conclusion of the case, it was nothing but a pleasure to deal with him. I got myself in a stupid situation and Mr Stansfield with his expert knowledge managed a very successful outcome. I would use him again if I had to (which I hope I don’t have to) and recommend him to anyone with any sort of motorist offence. Once again thank you Mr Stansfield".

Rose H

“I want to thank you for all your help and support you have given me over my court case. I truly believe that you have worked with every tiny piece of evidence in order to get me the very best possible outcome. I’m finding it difficult to articulate what I am trying to say, so I may as well be blunt about it … If I hadn’t enlisted your help I don’t think I’d be where I am now. You have dealt with my case with the utmost sensitivity and compassion. I worked in the industry where customer service was essentially what I sold and believed in and the level of service you offer to your clients is absolutely outstanding. Overwhelming even. The situation I created and found myself in has passed judgment from every person I know in my life, whilst I understand I am paying for a service, from you it wasn’t about being paid. Every single element was dealt with by you personally and with immediate response. You have metaphorically held my hand through one of the worse periods in my life. For which I am eternally grateful. I am full of admiration for the work that you do but more importantly for the way in which you are so effortlessly personal and caring. I don’t know how we even came across your number to first contact you but I am absolutely delighted we did. Thank you Charles and I wish you even more success and happiness for the future".

Mrs J N Talbot

Mr Charles Stansfield represented myself recently at a Magistrates Court. He was sympathetic, warm gentleman, who made a very difficult and nervous time for me bearable and comfortable. The outcome of my conviction was the best possible outcome it could be. The result was due to Mr Stansfield’s utmost professionalism. I am very thankful and most grateful. I would without a doubt recommend his services".

Barry Pigot, Orlando, Florida

"Charles Stansfield was highly recommended to me by a friend in the UK. I can honestly say that he not only lived up to my friend’s expectations but clearly surpassed them! While visiting my parents who reside in Wilmslow I was convicted of two speeding offences during a trip to Wales. All correspondence from the police was sent to my parent’s home. As an ex-pat living in the United States it was obviously difficult dealing with the situation from 3,000 miles away. By the time I contacted Charles the fines and penalties had escalated to over 1,400 pounds! Charles managed the whole case for me. I didn’t even have to make a phone call and he kept me informed in a timely fashion throughout the whole ordeal. He arranged for another court date and after a few discussions with the magistrate got the convictions overturned! I had to pay no fines or penalties! As you can imagine I would highly recommend Charles Stansfield to anyone with a motoring conviction".

Freeman Rigging

“I found Charles extremely easy to converse with and he drove 5 hrs to represent me. So cool & articulate and professional. I highly recommend this gentleman would not hesitate to have again".

GW Barnes, Gillingham

"I recently received a summons to appear at court on a charge of dangerous/insecure load relating to my job as an lgv driver. I immediately got on to my PC to search for advice and came across Charles Stansfields web site, being a Sunday I decided to phone the following day which I did and explained the situation briefly to Judith who then put me through to Charles. I immediately felt reassured by the calmness coming from Charles as he explained the options to me. Having agreed on a course of action and the fees, Charles represented me in court six weeks later, obtaining for me an absolute discharge leaving me with a blemish free driving licence. I believe the outcome would have been very different had it not been for Charles and his staff to whom I express my deep gratitude".

LBH, Chester

"Charles was excellent, always appraised me of the best way forward with agreed costs. I totally recommend the services of Charles Stansfield. My case alleged hitting a cyclist off his bike and I was charged with Driving without due care and attention, Failure to Stop, Failure to Report. I represented myself at the Magistrates’ Court and after advice from a legal type friend pleaded guilty to Driving without due care on the basis of the witness evidence and not guilty to the two charges Failure to Stop/Report. The plea bargaining with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) hit a brick wall. I was only asked if I was representing myself. The court set a trial date. At this point I contacted Judith and Charles Stansfield called me back – after reviewing the case details, Charles took the case. We agreed a fee based on a two-phase approach, 1. Investigation and negotiation with CPS 2. Representation in Court. Charles managed to get the CPS to drop the more severe charges of Failure to Stop/Report and the trial date was cancelled and the case referred back to the Traffic Magistrates Court. On the day we met up early and Charles put me completely at ease and outlined the approach he would take in court – basically I was unaware of any accident, incident or commotion and there was no damage, scratch or mark on my car/wing mirror. The result was 3 penalty points on my license and a nominal fine of £95. This was the minimum sentence and points. Charles also obtained costs from Central Funds to be awarded in my favour. I was pleased with the outcome and I am convinced that without Charles intervention with the CPS the case would have gone to trial and I may have lost my license".

Case Studies

Mr Bensley

"I chose Charles to represent me for my totting up case as I found him very personable on the phone, his price was very reasonable after shopping around and he has a fantastic moustache. From the beginning he made me feel completely at ease with the situation and clearly explained all the factors involved with putting together a plea for exceptional hardship. At the magistrates court, Charles' confidence, likability and obvious groundwork on the case rid of any worry, nerves and anxiety I'd been feeling, which confirmed to me that my money was well spent. This man is worth his weight in gold. Thank you Charles".

Case Study From Mr O.S

“I was recommended Charles Stansfield to assist with a driving offence. His command of the law is excellent, coupled with his years of experience and commanding delivery in court. From start to finish he was a pleasure to deal with and I can’t thank him enough for the way he successfully handled my case".


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