There are a number of law firms across the country that claim to specialise in helping start-ups with the legal side of tech and IT law.

However, knowing where to begin and which technology lawyer to seek advice from can be a difficult and bewildering experience.

With Oratto you can be assured of finding the right specialist to help you achieve your tech and IT law objectives. All of our technology lawyers are signatory to the Oratto Member Lawyer Code, meaning that you can have confidence in all of the following:

  • Integrity
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  • Strong leadership

Robust tech legal advice for start-ups

Tech and IT law considerations are increasingly important for start-ups in the UK. However, no two businesses are precisely alike and individual businesses need to have plans in place tailored to their demands and operations.

For example, a good technology lawyer can help address issues of viability, structure, taxation, intellectual property rights, company incorporation and more.

Drawing investment and anticipating demand

Commercial solicitors with a strong working knowledge of tech and IT law as it applies to start-ups can make all the difference in attracting sound and reliable investment while also ensuring watertight employment contracts, directors' service agreements and more.

Furthermore, such advice can help ensure that your start-up is adequately protected from legal risks and meets all relevant regulatory permissions – for example, FC authorisation for fintech start-ups.

It is also essential that your business falls fully within the law as it applies to data protection, privacy, internet cookies and acceptable use policies.

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