An employment tribunal is an independent, judicial body which is less formal than a court but the decisions made there are legally binding. Tribunals have the jurisdiction to pass judgement on employment disputes. An employment tribunal should be the final resort when all other resolution methods have failed. An employment tribunal solicitor will be able to handle the dispute from beginning to end.

Employment tribunals deal with issues stemming from:

  • breach of contract
  • issues over equal pay and gender pay gaps
  • unfair dismissal
  • constructive dismissal
  • discrimination on any grounds (age, sex, race, mental or physical disabilities, religious beliefs or sexual orientation)
  • failure to consult with an employee before being made redundant
  • failing to follow the correct grievance/disciplinary procedure

Your chosen solicitor will be able to handle all correspondence from an employment tribunal, from a case management order to preparing all relevant information for the document bundle to be shared. Each party must disclose the pertinent documents to the dispute that they wish to use. Written witness statements must also be exchanged. If the claim is successful then the amount of compensation to be awarded will be considered, usually on the same day, although the employment judge does have the right to reserve judgement for a later date if deemed necessary.

Employment tribunal solicitors

Oratto member employment lawyers are ideally placed to support your business from the beginning of an employment dispute through to the end. They are highly experienced with each stage of the process and are happy to handle ET1 claim forms, early settlements or representation at an employment tribunal final hearing.

Select a solicitor from the list on this page or send your details to Oratto and we will choose the right lawyer for you.

An employment tribunal can be a daunting prospect, but with expert legal support from your Oratto member lawyer, it will be a simple process to follow. Contact Oratto today for specialised employment tribunal advice on any aspect of the procedure.