An experienced employment lawyer for business will have the experience and expertise to help you fully explore the terms and conditions of settlement agreements – this includes those already in place (which may have been termed compromise agreements) and those which require drafting – so that you can achieve your objectives while giving full legal respect to those of the other party.

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Understanding settlement agreements

Settlement agreements, previously known as compromise agreements, are a way for employers and employees to terminate a relationship that has suffered some form of breakdown, allowing for the dismissal of an employee even without "fair grounds" for doing so. They often provide for some form of out-of-court settlement designed to compensate the employee and may include a number of conditions that one or both parties must uphold. Settlement agreements are an important tool for employers as they can prevent an employee from taking legal action in the future.

A typical settlement agreement may include the following:

  • Guidance dictating the type of the reference the employer will give
  • The sum of compensation to be paid to the employee
  • Assurances that either party will or will not do or say particular things
  • Restrictions (time limited or otherwise) on the employee's future employment
  • Information about what others will be told regarding the termination

The delicate nature of such agreements makes having the advice of an experienced employment lawyer at your side essential. It is only through careful drafting and negotiating that a successful compromise can be achieved.

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