Employment contracts and policies exist for the protection of both employer and employee. That the employer should provide the employee with a written statement of their terms of employment is a legal requirement. However, this is the bare minimum that is incumbent upon the employer to do, and a clear, well-written contract is advisable.

Without an employment contract in place, employee rights will be based on statutory rights and implied terms, which can leave doors wide open for dispute. When disagreements arise over certain terms, or a breach of these terms, having an experienced employment law contracts solicitor to look after your business interests is a must.

Employment law contracts solicitor

Having robust and comprehensive employment contracts and policies in place is vital for the ongoing welfare of your business. An experienced employment law contracts solicitor from Oratto will be able to:

  • draft an initial contract, providing effective protection against any employment contract problems that you may have
  • provide well-written, individual contracts based on existing terms which are suitable for the needs of your business
  • advise on existing contracts, including the incorporation of new terms
  • advise on specific contracts, such as Directors Services agreements
  • ensure the employment contracts are compliant with any changes to employment law
  • offer representation if a contractual dispute goes forward to a tribunal

All of the lawyers featured on this page are experts in every aspect of employment law contracts and policies, and have the necessary skill and technical expertise to offer. To connect with an employment law solicitor, you can select a name from this page yourself, or forward your details to Oratto and we will use our Match function to choose the best solicitor for your individual needs.

Employment contracts and policies

An employment contract will cover the basic elements such as:

  • remuneration
  • location of work
  • hours to be worked
  • notice period requirements

Beyond these, a contract will usually have terms and clauses specific to the business. Alongside the main employment contract, your chosen solicitor will also be able to advise upon:

  • confidentiality agreements
  • restrictive covenants
  • staff/employee handbooks
  • disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • policies concerning social media
  • employee share schemes

As well as having solid contract terms in place, it's often advisable to have legally enforceable, post-termination restrictive covenants in place to protect your business, such as prohibiting contact between an ex-employee and existing clients for a pre-determined period of time. Your chosen employment lawyer will be able to give you guidance pertaining specifically to your business about what might work best for you.

If there are any aspects of an employment contract or policy which is open to interpretation, or unclear, that means a potentially damaging claim could be brought against your business. An experienced employment law solicitor will help prevent this from happening.

To make your business as strong as it can be, contact employment law contracts solicitors from Oratto today.