Are you the child or grandchild of a Spanish national? If you are, you may be entitled to reclaim Spanish nationality without the need of residing in Spain and without the need of successfully passing any exam. But beware of the impending deadline to apply!

The Ley de Memoria Democrática, also known as the Spanish Grandchildren law, provides for the children and grandchildren of originally Spanish nationals to apply for Spanish nationality on the back of their Spanish ancestors.

The process involves making an application before the Spanish Consulate corresponding to the applicant’s place of residence but only if submitted by the 21st of October 2024 when the window period provided by the regulation will elapse and the right to apply disappear unless such period is extended by the Spanish Government.

Therefore, it is essential to file applications before the deadline to benefit from this opportunity to acquire Spanish nationality without residing in Spain and without renouncing to the nationality the applicant currently holds.



1. Children and grandchildren of Spanish mother, father or grandparent who are considered, under Spanish law, originally Spanish.

2. The daughters and sons of Spaniards whose nationality of origin was recognised by virtue of the right of option in accordance with the Historical Memory Law (Seventh Additional Provision of Law 52/2007 of December 26) or of the present Democratic Memory Law.

3. Spaniards born outside of Spain to Spanish women who lost their Spanish nationality by marrying a foreign citizen before the entry into force of the Spanish Constitution of 1978.


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