In the commercial context, group action litigation (sometimes referred to as class action or multi-party litigation) is defined by the involvement of multiple parties in bringing the claim to court. Of course, in order to do this they must be united by a common grievance.

There are many different commercial contexts where group action litigation may be beneficial. For example, all of the following scenarios may be suited to this type of claim:

  • Employment claims
  • Shareholder claims
  • Director claims
  • Trade association claims
  • Environmental group action claims
  • Licensing agreements
  • Technology contracts
  • Agency and distribution agreements
  • Property claims
  • Investment claims
  • Professional body claims

Payouts and insurance

Settlements derived from group action litigation can be for significant sums. However, the legal costs involved can sometimes be forbidding. It is possible to take out insurance policies to guard against the threat of class action litigation. As such, insurance premiums can be taken out to cover the cost of litigation. The risk and cost-benefit of doing this must be carefully considered.

The Law Society's Practice Advice Service

The Law Society's Practice Advice Service operates something called the Multi-Party Action Information Service. Commercial litigation solicitors wishing to apply for a Group Litigation Order (GLO) should contact this service to notify it of all GLO issues so that it can make a record of the issues and parties involved.

Why choose a group litigation specialist?

Group action claims are typically complicated because they involve multiple parties and powerful defendants; they can also present challenges regarding costs, fees and processes.

The impact of these particular challenges can be lessened by claimants working only with commercial litigation solicitors who have demonstrable experience of working in cases that involve group actions.

This can help ensure that funding arrangements and costs implications are clearly presented and that potential drawbacks are quickly identified and addressed.

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