It's a fact of commercial life that no matter how watertight the agreement, disputes will inevitably occur. Dispute resolution can be sought through mediation where, with the help of a neutral third party, an attempt to resolve the situation swiftly and amicably will be made. Dispute resolution solicitors can oversee the entire process.

Dispute resolution solicitors

Within commerce, it's particularly important to try to reach suitable solution quickly to reduce commercial risks and losses. Dispute resolution solicitors from Oratto are experienced in making this happen. To select a dispute resolution solicitor, simply choose from the list of member lawyers, or you can forward your details to Oratto and we will use the Oratto Match function to identify the best lawyer for your individual needs.

Mediation with Oratto member lawyers

You can have your chosen solicitor present during mediation meetings and separate areas for discussion of items for resolution should be made available for you and your solicitor.
Commercial mediation is considered a better approach than moving straight to costly court proceedings. Once two sides have been brought together with a trained mediator it ensures that the points of view of both parties are heard equally and understood clearly. It can also help to make sure that any settlement reached is negotiated peacefully and is reasonable for both sides.

All key facts and information must be fully disclosed prior to the process and ground rules will be established by the mediator. In difficult circumstances there may be an option for ‘shuttle mediation'. The parties will be in separate rooms and the mediator will move between each room giving the points of view and discussing potential solutions from both sides. It won't be the first option to be offered, but it can be a good way of reaching a successful conclusion.

Mediation is considered a quick and cheap option for reaching agreement in a dispute. However, both sides do need to agree to undertake this form of ADR. While mediated disputes often do reach agreements, the details of any agreement are not enforceable. Yet, details of any agreements reach through mediation can be taken forward to the courts who will use this in their consideration of the dispute.

To discuss your dispute resolution needs, get in touch with Oratto today for expert legal advice.