Contract disputes are a challenging time for any business. No matter how carefully terms and conditions have been prepared it's inevitable that, on occasion, disputes will arise. To avoid stressful, time-consuming and costly battles, it's best to act quickly through specialised contract disputes solicitors to bring about swift resolution.

Dealing with a dispute

Commercial contracts are routinely entered into for the purchase of services and goods, and most businesses rely heavily on contractual obligations being fully observed. When a dispute arises it can have widespread impact including financial loss, inconvenience and distress; whether it concerns unpaid invoices or a larger commercial issue. Resolving the key matters quickly is vital to limit the amount of disruption caused.

Commercial contract disputes most commonly arise from:

  • partnership agreements
  • licensing agreements
  • supply agreements
  • franchise agreements
  • employment agreements

Oratto - sourcing contract dispute legal advice for you

Oratto is an online system which has been developed specifically to link consumers of legal services with the right lawyer for their needs. The solicitors featured in this section are all experts in the various stages of contract disputes and resolution. They will analyse your circumstances carefully and adopt a strategic approach to finding the best outcome for you, taking into account the contract as a whole, its subject matter, plus the terms and their effects.

If you are unsure how to proceed then you can submit your details to us and we will identify the right solicitor for you using our Oratto Match function. All Oratto member contract dispute lawyers will be able to use their extensive experience to determine the value of your loss, your rights, and how best your position can be protected.

Breach of contract

The most common forms of breach of contract are:

  • delayed performance
  • non-performance of an obligation
  • defective performance

When there has been a breach of contract, the general common law rule is to place the injured party in the position they would have been in had the breach not occurred. This is normally achieved through damages or by rescinding the contract. However, where a warranty has been breached, the latter cannot apply. Depending upon your individual circumstances, your chosen lawyer will be able to discuss all your options with you.

When carefully constructed terms and conditions are not adhered to, it can be distressing and expensive. What may begin as a minor dispute can rapidly escalate, resulting in damage to key business relationships and your own profitability. Your Oratto member lawyer will be able to discuss your situation and establish what the right approach might be from the outset - from aggressive litigious action to alternative dispute resolution through mediation. There may also be dispute resolution clauses in place which will dictate how disagreements are to be dealt with.

It's possible that you will want to continue working with the party who has brought about the dispute and, if so, then your chosen lawyer will be able to help you to work towards achieving this. Other priorities include minimising costs, disruption and protecting working relationships through a carefully structured, strategic approach. Your Oratto member lawyer will have a strong foundation of experience, including giving advice across multiple jurisdictions and dealing with both larger commercial contracts and smaller enterprises.

Contract dispute legal advice through Oratto

Addressing a contract dispute through commercial litigation may seem complex and overwhelming without the appropriate solicitors for business at your side . Your chosen solicitor from Oratto will be able to help you find a solution.

Contact us today and we can ensure you are put in touch with the most appropriate contract dispute solicitor for your needs.