Disputes and disagreements in a business can have a significant and damaging impact on its operation, regardless of whether it is a listed company, an LLP or some other trading entity.

Oratto's dispute resolution lawyer team is comprised of members from locations right across the UK and possesses the experience and track record of resolving boardroom bust-ups giving you confidence that your dispute will be resolved authoritatively, effectively and without unnecessary protraction.

Our specialists can help you ensure that you are fully abreast of all your legal rights and obligations so that you can mediate, litigate or resolve the dispute in some other way to ensure that you meet your objectives with confidence.

Our member specialists have extensive experience in this area of dispute resolution and commercial litigation, and are able to assist clients including the following:

  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Members
  • PLCs
  • LLPs

Shareholder dispute negotiation

Shareholder disputes can be caused by any number of reasons, from accusations of financial manipulation or negligence to simple but core differences of vision or basic strategy, while claims of a breach of a director duty are another common cause of boardroom bust-ups.

Oratto's specialist commercial dispute resolution lawyers have experience and expertise of all types of dispute, including those that are regulated through a shareholders agreement and those that are not.

Furthermore, although our members are committed to achieving a swift and efficient resolution through mediation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) where possible, they also understand that in some cases court action represents the only realistic prospect of achieving a satisfactory outcome.

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By connecting the consumers of legal services with its member lawyers for free, Oratto empowers you to make intelligent and informed choices regarding your legal advice and representation in relation to a boardroom bust-up or other commercial dispute.

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