Company directors, politicians and public figures, for example, may sometimes receive threats and unwanted attention which causes alarm or distress. If this occurs on more than one occasion it can be considered to be civil harassment under the Harassment Act 1997. An act of harassment is one which is unwanted, "oppressive and unacceptable".

Typically, an injunction will be sought to curb the harassment, but litigation may be necessary to recover damages and legal costs.

Oratto's commercial litigation specialists can help you ensure that you are protected from unwarranted attention and harassment which may harm you, your family or your business interests.

Let Oratto's commercial litigation solicitors work for you

Oratto's specialist commercial litigation solicitors can work with you to devise effective anti-harassment procedures, and can help you vigorously pursue a claim for civil harassment should you feel it necessary.

Harassment may well occur as part of a wider context in commercial disputes and our specialist defamation and reputation management solicitors have niche expertise in this field. They can help halt the harassment by taking recognised legal steps to help maintain your safety and your peace of mind.