Adjudication is a form of ADR which is used extensively within the construction industry under the Housing, Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996. When disputes occur within the industry, adjudication is one way of resolving them quickly so that projects can go ahead with minimal interruption. Dispute resolution legal advice from experienced ADR solicitors is essential to find the swiftest solutions.

Dispute resolution solicitors through Oratto

Oratto has been developed as an online method for those seeking legal advice to gain quick access to experienced, high quality lawyers. Oratto member dispute resolution solicitors are experienced in overseeing the whole process of adjudication, which puts them in the best position for taking on new challenges.


Disputing parties will appoint an adjudicator who will then consider the arguments and evidence of each side. A decision will then be reached which determines the obligations and rights of both parties. Decisions are binding, but purely on an interim basis. They can be both reversed and adjusted by subsequent court actions or arbitrations. There is no upper limit on the value and the proceedings should be concluded no more than 28 days from the date of referral.

This judicially supported and fast process is an attractive proposition to claimants looking for a quick end to the dispute in order for work to continue.

Your chosen solicitor will provide advice on the strategy and tactics of the adjudication process, both of which are absolutely key, as well as project manage the complete exercise with you and any relevant professionals. The specialised legal experience of your chosen lawyer will mean that issues can be identified quickly and your response prepared within the correct time limits; crucial for the structure of a strong argument.

For further dispute resolution advice tailored to your circumstances, contact an Oratto member ADR lawyer today.