Oratto has been specifically developed to link consumers of legal services with lawyers experienced in niche fields. All of the solicitors featured on this page are highly skilled and experienced in construction dispute claims and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Seeking early advice is vital for successful dispute resolution and Oratto member engineering dispute solicitors will be able to analyse your particular circumstances and advise you accordingly. You can select a lawyer from the profiles featured on this page, or alternatively you can submit your details to us and we can find the best construction dispute solicitor for you through the Oratto Match function. A construction contract will often feature specialists in various roles, such as owners, developers, contractors, employers and construction professionals including surveyors and architects. The legal relationships between these people can be complex, but your chosen lawyer will be able to help you achieve a solution specifically tailored to you. Construction law relates to all building and engineering works as well as related areas, and is essentially an umbrella term which includes commercial, contract, tort, employment and planning law. Investing in property construction is a big commitment and as such, construction contracts can be among the most valuable to your business. No matter how well prepared and watertight they appear to be, construction contract disputes may well arise. Construction is a highly pressured environment and given this, plus the likely expense involved, it's advisable to seek experienced legal advice to bring a swift resolution where possible once a dispute has commenced. When a construction contract is drafted, it's common to have the terms written down over several documents. This includes the initial agreement plans, conditions of contract, exact specifications, bill of quantities and schedule of rates. Whether this has been drawn up specifically for you, or you have used a standard JCT contract, having a lawyer who specialises in construction dispute claims to advise you is essential. KEEPING IT OUT OF COURT Formal litigation is often a last resort and it's usually preferable, initially, to explore mediation through ADR lawyers. However, if necessary, the lawyer that you have chosen will be able to undertake litigation in various forms, such as in the Technology and Construction Court, or by carrying out international arbitration. Contact Oratto today for knowledgeable, experienced advice about your construction dispute. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE These can occur for a variety of reasons: Solving problems swiftly and cost effectively will be your chosen lawyer's priority, whether you are in dispute with a SME, national or multinational company. They will be able to help you with: CONSTRUCTION DISPUTES WHAT IS CONSTRUCTION LAW? Sub-standard workmanship Breach of contract Not paying agreed retention payments Professional negligence Unpaid debts Loss and expense claims Time extensions Disputes over final accounts Contract termination claims Misrepresentation Insolvency Engineering dispute claims