The reality of commercial life is that it will almost certainly involve dispute, in one form or another. The implications of an ongoing dispute for a business are very negative, which is why a swift resolution is usually sought through commercial dispute solicitors.

Legal assistance in commercial disputes

Oratto is a web-based platform designed to link high-end lawyers with those who need legal services. Each solicitor featured in this section is an expert in commercial dispute resolution and can provide advice specifically tailored to you and your business, no matter which stage of the dispute you are at. You may need help drafting dispute resolution clauses for a contract, or be dealing with a long-running disagreement with an established client. By selecting a lawyer from the list to connect with you can begin the process of resolving your dispute. Alternatively, you can submit your details to us and we will use the Oratto Match function to pair you with the best solicitor for your commercial dispute resolution needs.

Alternative dispute resolution

As well as aggressive dispute resolution techniques, mediation and ADR can also play a part. Your chosen lawyer will assess your individual circumstances carefully and decide the best way to proceed; always putting your business interests first. They will also be able to construct strategies to prevent disputes from occurring, as well as dealing with those that have arisen, from a regional level to cross-border disputes.

Whether you need national, multi-national or regional advice for your commercial dispute, Oratto can provide a solicitor who will help you resolve the issue.