Divorce is stressful, and is often seen by those about to embark on marriage or civil partnership dissolution proceedings as expensive.

Against this background, the attraction of an online divorce provider with astonishingly low fixed-priced services may seem almost too good to be true. And with promises of quick fixes and fees of less than £40, it's easy to see why these low-cost promises might seem very enticing to those looking both for a quick split and to preserve the marital pot.

But, beware; choosing this route is most likely going to prove a false economy. There is no such thing as a 'quickie divorce' and the "pile them high, sell them cheap" approach often means a compromise on the quality and numbers of solicitors available through these firms (and some don't may not use fully qualified solicitors, but so-called "divorce administrators" or "divorce experts" – none of whom are regulated, and there's no requirement for them to hold Professional Indemnity insurance).

Such firms are also likely to compromise on individual client care. The services available are often very limited with strict parameters around the service. This means that if the individual client requires additional help or legal advice, they will need to seek it elsewhere. When things do go wrong, as they often will, the online divorce providers are not equipped to handle contentious matters and the divorcing parties may find themselves having paid for a service that is no longer any use; all with little chance of a refund. This leaves the client out in the wilderness, no further forward and out of pocket. Inevitably, all of this causes delays, additional expenditure and further stress.

Accepting the complex reality of divorce

Very few divorces and financial agreements are "straight-forward", there are often disagreements over a myriad of issues – who will begin the proceedings, who will pay, what grounds can be used, what is considered a fair settlement, what the arrangements for the children will be and so on. And while some of these can be resolved simply by the spouses talking to each other or by reading information available in our Wiki, in many cases expert advice and guidance from a specialist family law solicitor is required even if it is to only to steer the client in the right direction or to give them the legal advice they need to make decisions.

Of course, there are also huge advantages to be gained in having a family lawyer in place if matters become so conflicted that a court application is required.

The vast majority of people facing a divorce or the ending of a co-habitation relationship will require legal advice at some point during the separation and it is unrealistic to pretend otherwise.

Unfortunately many seek proper legal advice much later than is appropriate, leaving them in a far more difficult situation than they would have been had they used a specialist family law solicitor from the beginning. This is especially true of those using an online divorce provider. These simply don't provide the same level of access and expertise provided by a family law solicitor.

Oratto, empowering you to make powerful choices

When you contact Oratto you can rest assured that we will seek to identify the main concerns and any possible contentious issues of your divorce as quickly as possible; the emphasis of our service is placed on referring you to the lawyer who is best suited to your individual requirements.

Using a specialist solicitor doesn't need to cost a small fortune, many of our member family lawyers offer very reasonable and affordable quotes tailored to your situation, meaning that in addition to receiving value for money you also receive a bespoke professional service completed by a qualified and insured solicitor. Our member solicitors are on hand to support you with legal advice and guidance throughout your divorce or separation, giving you the confidence and assurance to proceed into the future with dignity and confidence.