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Mandeep Clair

Greenwich, United Kingdom

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Practice Areas:

  • Divorce & Family Law
  • Ancillary Relief Claims
  • Children in Divorce
  • Civil Partnership Dissolution
  • Cohabitation Disputes
  • Contact and Residence Orders
  • Financial Settlement on Divorce
  • Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
Grant Saw Solicitors LLP

I deal with the full range of matrimonial, cohabitation, separation issues. As well as being a fully- qualified solicitor, I am also a collaborative lawyer. I therefore recognise the importance of problem solving rather than point scoring in sensitive cases. My particular expertise is in contested financial court disputes and I have experience of cases involving millions of pounds in assets. I am committed to empowering clients so that they can understand and take control of the process with a view to moving forward constructively.


I have been working with Grant Saw since 2008.

Previous Employment


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University of Southampton


1996 - 1999

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)


Title - Child arrangements dispute

Further to our short telephone conversation, I would like to say that the service I received from yourself & Grant Saw was excellent, and in a short time I was able to see my son again, and secure a Wednesday evening phone call.I thought you were a calming influence on me, however very firm with xxxxx  when needed.”

Title - Divorce and financial issues

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for dealing so efficiently with this case.It has been a great pleasure to work with you. We will be highly recommending your work to anyone seeking legal services." 


"I would like to extend my gratitude to you for acting on my behalf, you have been impeccable!"

D Johnson

Client testimonial

“Would just like to extend my thanks for your help with this matter, particularly given the difficulties posed by the other party. I really appreciate you always making yourself available when necessary and the prompt responses.”

Mr P D

A Great Professional

"I really appreciate your help with the decree absolute, I thought you were a great professional and I admire you for that."

Ms E M

HIghly Recommended

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for dealing so efficiently with this case.

It has been a great pleasure to work with you. We will be highly recommending your work to anyone seeking legal services." 

Mr S H

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Do we need to bother with a solicitor? APRIL 19, 2015 


If your marriage has broken down and you have both agreed on divorce and how to sort out the finances – you may be asking yourselves – do we need to bother with a solicitor?


Here is my answer. It is understandable why some people want to finalise a divorce and resolve financial issues between them quickly and without lawyers.

You didn’t plan to divorce when you married so, why when you have come to the conclusion that your marriage is over, prolong your predicament and not get the divorce finalised without further aggravation and lawyers being involved?

Here is why. The terms of your financial settlement may have far reaching ramifications which could affect the rest of your life.

There may be all kinds of highly relevant issues which you may not have appreciated and on which a solicitor can advise. They could be highly relevant to your claims. Furthermore, in your desire to achieve a quick and as painless a resolution as possible to your marital issues, you may feel pressurised into agreeing matters without full knowledge of the facts. Do you know exactly what assets your spouse owns, how much is in their bank account or indeed which bank accounts they have? Don’t be fooled into thinking that you automatically have no claim to assets in your spouse’s sole name.

A good solicitor can provide you with a tailor made, face to face, sympathetic and cost effective service which suits your own particular needs and circumstances. There are various online organisations promising fast and cheap online divorce solutions. But the low fixed fees which they offer are likely to mean that the advice and service received is not of a good quality which could mean that important and complicated issues are overlooked. The initial advertised fixed fee may not be the final fee, and you should beware of the small print and extras being added to the final bill.

An online company may simply not deal with a case if it becomes contested, leaving you to instruct a solicitor to pick up the pieces which might end up costing you more than if you had used a solicitor from the outset.

Instructing a solicitor is not necessarily expensive and you can ask your solicitor to stop work once you reach a specified fixed fee. You might want to obtain just some initial advice on a fixed fee basis and some solicitors offer this.

A good solicitor will provide you with a high quality service, keep you properly updated on the level of your legal fees as they accrue and provide you with regular estimates for future legal fees, all of which will enable you to budget for costs and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

A good solicitor will also encourage you to undertake straightforward tasks in your case yourself rather than making a charge for doing this, will inform you of any developments in your case in a timely manner, will try to ensure that your costs remain proportionate to the value of your claim, and can provide you with imaginative solutions which cater for your particular needs and priorities.

Grant Saw Spring Newsletter 2017

Spring Newsletter writtten by Mandeep 

View grant family spring 2017.pdf

Families Online

 Family Life Family law expert Mandeep Clair on the need to be open and honest during divorce court proceedings



Law Society Accreditation - Family


Associations & Memberships

Member of Law Society Family Law Panel - since 2012

This is an accreditation available to solicitors who show that they have and will maintain a high level of skill, knowledge and practice in the area of family law.

Resolution - since 2006

This is an organisation of family lawyers and other professionals who believe in a constructive and non-confrontational approach to family law matters

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