For many unhappy married couples faced with the difficult decision of separating and commencing divorce proceedings it will feel like there is never a right time to make a decision, and it may be difficult to know the right path to take.

There appear to be several reasons for this, including financial worries.  Uncertainties regarding money are sufficient to push many marriages to breaking point and for some couples who are fearful of matters becoming worse and more paralysing, it can be a case of “now or never”.

Negative equity in the matrimonial home can be another obstacle to couples moving on and starting afresh.  More and more couples now find themselves in the awkward position of living together whilst the divorce proceedings are ongoing. In such a situation, it is essential for the divorcing spouses to have a strong network of friends and family for emotional and financial support.

Couples who have been experiencing problems for some time may utilise their spare time to consider their feelings and talk things through with their partner.  Other couples may wish to have a final holiday or time together as a family before making a fresh start.  Often, married parents do not wish to upset their children unnecessarily and will simply wait until they are back in a settled routine at school before they consult a solicitor.

Such arrangements are relatively new phenomenon. Increasingly, couples are agreeing on their decision to divorce prior to visiting family law solicitors, and it is only the cost of a divorce that stops them from proceeding further. Good solicitors can help matters remain amicable while also providing guidance, advice and legal certainty.

Oratto’s member divorce lawyers know that divorce can seem particularly daunting when money is tight. We believe that if an agreement is already in place and it is merely a matter of putting it into a formal agreement, then the costs should not be sky high. In many cases, ensuring a fixed cost from the outset can give real peace of mind to the client.