If a couple suffers relationship breakdown, but they don't wish to legally end the marriage or civil partnership, or perhaps, they are a cohabiting couple who have not formalised their status, they still have the ability to sort out some of the financial and childcare aspects of their relationship by negotiating terms of a separation agreement.

Separation agreements are legally binding documents, and when drafted correctly, with expert family lawyer legal advice, they can be enforceable through the courts in the event that one party fails to uphold the terms.

There are a variety of items which can be included in a separation agreement, but they will generally relate to the provision and division of important things such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Mortgage, rent and household bills
  • The family home and residence
  • Debts and loans
  • Savings and other assets
  • Personal possessions
  • Child maintenance
  • Childcare

Enforcement may involve the ordering of certain "remedies", which may include damages, payment of legal fees and further guidance regarding future compliance with the separation order.

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An effective separation agreement will clearly protect your best interests as well as any children under your care. The specialist separation agreement and divorce solicitors featured here have vast experience of this area of the law and can help you make confident provision for the future.

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