There are few things in life, if any, as distressing as being estranged from a child.

Sadly though, this is the reality for too many parents in the UK; statistics suggest that more than 500 children a year are abducted from their parents' care, often in cases that involve complex and difficult cross-border legal issues.

As such, it is essential that any parent experiencing this traumatic situation firsthand is able to find a specialist child abduction lawyer to help them negotiate the UK and international legal process with confidence.

The ICACU referral list

The International Child Abduction and Contact Unit (ICACU) referral list is a result of a collaboration between the Law Society, the government and other groups and is an accreditation scheme for solicitors who specialise in international child abduction work.

In order to receive accreditation as child abduction solicitors, firms must demonstrate that both the firm and its nominated solicitors have the resources and skills required for child abduction work.

Legal removal of children from the UK

If you are looking to remove a child or children from the UK, it is important that you fulfil all the essential child arrangements' legal criteria and apply accordingly. Ensuring reliable legal advice is the first step to achieving a successful process.

The Hague Convention and illegal removal of children

The Hague Convention lays out a clear framework for the safe return of children illegally taken from the parent who normally looks after them. Along with many others, the UK is signatory to this agreement. If your child has been taken to another country that is signatory to the Hague Convention, it should be easier to ensure safe and swift return of your child.

In other cases it may be possible to obtain an order from a British Court and to proceed in other ways.

Confidence with the best child abduction lawyers for your situation

In child abduction cases it is essential that you take action at the soonest possible opportunity.

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