Children become distracted and unable to focus Reports say children's school work will suffer Parents continue fighting even after they have separated Worrying about what's going to happen, such as a new partner on the scene or a new home Children feel guilty and blame them-selves for their parents' divorce Children become pawns in divorced parents' fighting They may develop stress-related ill-health Parents stop fighting... eventually Parents who aren't fighting can give children more focused attention Things are less stressful at home so children can focus on school work A new partner may mean a new home and new siblings/friends There's less stigma about divorce than in the past Children can have meaningful relationships with parents in two homes Eventually, both parents and the children can be happy again SPLITTING UP - ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVES, ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVES DIVORCE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BAD Not every marriage can last a lifetime, but this doesn't mean, as many anti-divorce commentators would have you believe, that you are automatically condemning your children to a psychological nightmare if you decide to go your separate ways.While many pundits would have us believe divorce is always bad for children, kids living with parents who appear to hate each other are likely to tell you that seeing them hurl abuse at each other is not a fun situation either. When you choose an Oratto member divorce solicitor you will be connecting with an experienced practitioner who is likely to have handled many acrimonious and contentious divorce cases. So, whatever your personal circumstances, you can be assured that your lawyer will understand you and your particular situation. While many reports suggest that children who experience their parents' divorce will be harmed in a number of psychological and emotional ways, it cannot be ignored that children whose parents argue constantly are also left with a lasting legacy of pain and emotional trauma. The parents may also be, potentially, less able to give children support as effectively as parents who have worked out good parenting strategies while living apart. Some children adapt well to the divorce of their parents. Research studies show that around 80% suffer no lasting negative effects on school attainment, mental health or social adjustment Parents should have a good, basic relationship Children need safe housing, nutritionally balanced food, and social support, they don't need to be spoiled, these resources can be provided by two parents living in separate homes Parents should be emotionally stable: both parents should exercise fair discipline, provide love, and respond emotionally to a child's needs POSITIVE NEGATIVE Parents DO NOT need to live in the same house to be effective in their children's lives: FAMILY LAW SOLICITORS WHO ARE RIGHT FOR YOU CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE

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