Employment is a central part of most people's lives; if not directly through paid work, then vicariously through dependence on others or on a pension in the future. Therefore, when an employment dispute arises it can be very serious. Employment tribunals are set up to resolve these disputes as quickly and fairly as possible.

Oratto member solicitors are very highly experienced in employment tribunal processes and can advise you in all matters relating to preparation for and attending a tribunal.

What are employment tribunals?

They are judicial, independent bodies which exist to govern employment disputes. These are usually between an employee and an employer. Typically, they are a last resort once internal grievance procedures have been exhausted.

Can anyone access employment tribunals?

In theory, yes. However there is a framework within which the tribunals operate. Your Oratto member solicitor will be able to discuss this with you. It's important to have solid, knowledgeable legal representation so that if you choose to go down the tribunal route, you have as strong a case as possible.

Court formalities don't exist in employment tribunals; you won't find any barristers in wigs and gowns and the process is more relaxed. But the judgement of the tribunal is enforceable.

What issues do employment tribunals cover?

They cover any aspect of employment dispute or employment law. Commonly, this includes:

  • redundancies
  • discrimination
  • unfair or wrongful dismissal

How do I start a claim?

Oratto can put you in contact with a lawyer who can not only advise, but also handle all or part of your claim for you. A wealth of experience in tribunal procedures is something which our member solicitors will bring to you – ensuring that your case is dealt with as competently as possible. This is important is securing the right outcome for you.

Before you can lodge a claim with an employment tribunal, you need to notify ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) that this is what you intend to do. The first thing that you will do is to go through the Early Conciliation procedure. This will involve attending a meeting where there will be an ACAS conciliator whose job it is to help the parties resolve the dispute.

This method has been shown to be cheaper, faster and with less pressure than formal employment tribunals. The idea is to get the conflict resolved as quickly as possible, which is less damaging for both parties. There is a three month window of time in which you can start a claim, but this time period is extended during Early Conciliation procedures.

What if Early Conciliation does not work?

However, despite best efforts, sometimes it isn't possible to resolve disputes in this way. Your Oratto member solicitor will be experienced in offering advice on the next steps of resolution. There are two types of claims in employment tribunals:

  • A – straightforward; redundancy payments, unpaid holiday pay, etc.
  • B – complex; wrongful dismissal, discrimination. The fees are higher for this type

Employment tribunals are public bodies. They are not limited to simply disputes with employers, but also potential employers or trade unions.

Whatever your employment law dispute, Oratto is guaranteed to have a member solicitor who will be able to help you with expert advice and experience. Contact us today for skilled support in your employment law claim.

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