Employment law issues can be tricky to understand, especially when you are faced with being made redundant. It can be an alarming concept and it's important to ensure that your interests are protected from the very start. Redundancy solicitors from Oratto have all the knowledge and expertise that you will need to protect your rights.

I'm being made redundant – does this mean that I need a solicitor?

Possible redundancy does not automatically mean that you'll need a solicitor. However it's a good idea to seek swift, accurate legal advice to make sure that you are being dealt with fairly and properly as an employee. The process of redundancy needs to be managed carefully to ensure you secure the best possible outcome for yourself as an individual.

Will it matter what my circumstances are?

Oratto member redundancy solicitors have a broad range and depth of experience and will be able to advise you on any aspect of the process. Offering tailored advice and support is what we pride ourselves on. The Oratto team can connect you instantly with a solicitor skilled in redundancy issues who can begin advising you straight away - this could make all the difference.

Whether the redundancies are collective or individual, we can advise on challenging the move and calling into question how the selection of staff was made.

While redundancy may be frightening, Oratto's member employment lawyers can make sure that you get the best possible outcome. By thinking ahead you can prepare yourself and make strategic decisions from the beginning. Our member lawyers are familiar with this process and they will be able to address your case with full competency.

What else might I need legal advice about?

There are certain situations which could make losing your employment extremely stressful, these include:

  • if you are the main household earner
  • if you have dependants
  • if you are older

Oratto member redundancy solicitors will assess your situation to ascertain whether all of your employment rights are being met. There are certain protective measures which could be put in place. For example, if the redundancy has arisen as a result of a business acquisition or merger.

Oratto member lawyers are highly experienced in offering professional and knowledgeable advice. Our friendly, approachable member solicitors will be committed to your case, and will be able to help you make an informed and logical decision about how you wish to proceed.

You can tell us about your circumstances in a number of ways, via phone or through the internet, or you may wish to browse our lawyer profiles to find the member solicitor you wish to speak to.

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