Oratto's member employment law solicitors can bring value to start-ups looking for advice in relation to their legal rights, obligations and options, particularly in the area of team moves and restrictive covenants.

Restrictive covenants are a complex and constantly evolving area of the law and require solid and reliable legal advice in order to be negotiated with confidence.

Types of restrictive covenants

It is challenging enough being at the helm of a start-up but when you are also affected by the sensitive issue of employees moving from one organisation to another, things can become even more challenging.

Oratto's member employment law solicitors have experience of advising start-ups, recruiters and other businesses that are considering the benefits and implications of restrictive covenants, team moves and injunctions.

Expertise includes the following:

  • Non-competition restrictive covenants – this type of covenant prevents an employee for working for a competitor for a set period of time.
  • Non-solicitation restrictive covenants – this type of covenant prevents former employees from working with former clients or other parties for a set period of time
  • Non-dealing restrictive covenants – similar to non-restrictive covenants but with more encompassing restrictions
  • Non-poaching – prevents poaching of certain employees


Restrictive covenants are only enforceable as long as they are being used legitimately to protect business interests. This may include such things as confidential data and long-held relationships with customers or suppliers.

Courts are willing to uphold suitably drafted restrictive covenants but take a dim view of those which restrict the rights of employees to seek further work in their specialist field.

Employment law solicitors for start ups

Employment law considerations are vital for start ups wishing to consolidate and develop their business model.

Oratto's member employment solicitor can help you consider all the important issues as they apply to your business, including restrictive covenants, team moves and injunctions.

Ultimately, your business is a vital part of your life – so why compromise it by taking unnecessary chances? At Oratto we are here to help you get the best legal advice to protect your interests so your business can grow and function efficiently and within the law.

Contact Oratto today so that we can find you an expert member solicitor for fast, accurate advice on your employment law issues.