In some cases, divorce can be straightforward. If both spouses agree on how every asset, including property and pensions, is to be divided, then there may be no need to hire a solicitor other than to have a straightforward consent order written up to make the financial settlement legally binding. Unfortunately, more often than not, divorce is rarely this simple, often requiring both parties to deal with complex issues such as child arrangements and the distribution of high-value assets. Therefore, the help of a legal professional, someone with years of experience dealing with divorce, is highly recommended.

Hiring the right lawyer is often key to the process running smoothly (or, at least, as smoothly as it can), and if you're looking for exceptional legal advice and support, the capital is a great place to start your search.

London is home to many of the best divorce solicitors in the UK, and Oratto makes it easy to find the one most suited to your case.

Experienced divorce solicitors in London for all clients

The London divorce solicitors and family lawyers that can be found on Oratto are among the most experienced practitioners in their field. Working across Central and Greater London, they have handled some of the most complex, high-value, and high-profile cases in the country. By contacting a solicitor through Oratto, you can be sure that you'll be receiving unparalleled legal guidance and assistance in all areas of your divorce, which may include the following:

  • Understanding the grounds for divorce
  • Child arrangements after divorce
  • The division of high-value assets
  • Short marriage divorce
  • Property ownership disputes
  • Drawing up Consent Orders
  • Jurisdiction issues in divorce proceedings

Affordable help from top solicitors in London

Oratto's member divorce solicitors in London are experts in helping many clients through all sorts of difficult situations and decisions. They fully understand that the breakdown of a marriage is likely to be a stressful and highly emotional time for both spouses and any close family members whose lives will be directly affected by the separation, such as your children. You can rest assured that, whatever your situation, our member lawyers will approach your case with the utmost sensitivity and always serve your and your children's best interests.

What's more, we're confident that we can help provide you with quality legal guidance at an affordable price.

We understand that the cost of divorce may be disconcerting to many people. The idea of hiring a solicitor who charges by the hour and then potentially facing hidden fees later on during the process will only add to the high level of stress you're already feeling. At Oratto, we want to give you as much certainty as possible when dealing with divorce solicitors in London, which is we're proud to offer a fixed-price divorce service, ensuring that you don't need to pay any unexpected fees and that all costs are kept under control. Find out more about the fixed-fee divorce services our member solicitors offer and whether these services are appropriate for you.

The right legal professional for you, whatever your situation

So, just how can a divorce solicitor in London help? It's common for divorces to have a multitude of issues needing to be addressed that require the help of a legal professional. The following are just a few examples:

Jurisdiction issues – Complications may occur if the parties seeking divorce are in different jurisdictions. It may be that one spouse has moved out of the country, one partner is the citizen of another country, or both spouses are domiciled abroad but still want to get divorced in England. Whether a couple is allowed to start proceedings in England and Wales will depend on how strong their connections are to the country. There are a number of factors to take into account, and there is no one simple answer, so it's wise to receive specialist advice early on so you understand your rights in each country and where you can begin proceedings.

Spousal maintenance –This is when one spouse has to make regular payments to their former spouse to financially support them, which is usually the case when one spouse has been financially dependent on the other for the duration of the marriage. The Court will decide on how much should be paid and for how long. An Oratto member divorce solicitor in London can help make sure that any payments are fair to both parties and settle any spousal maintenance disputes.

High-value marital assets – For a divorcing couple to decide upon a financial settlement isn’t always easy, particularly when the separation is not an amicable one, or if the assets involved are of high value. For instance, an estate could require the division of property, pensions and savings, and expensive pieces of art or antiques. Again, many different factors are considered when deciding on what is a fair financial settlement – a 50:50 division may not always be fair to all parties involved – and a divorce solicitor can help ensure you receive the best possible division of assets.

There are plenty of other issues in addition to the above that could apply to your case, and every divorce is different. Your circumstances are very individual to you, which makes finding the perfect solicitor, who is capable of dealing with every aspect of your case effectively, so important and is why Oratto’s system of matching clients with the most suitable legal practitioner in London is so beneficial.

Get in touch with a divorce solicitor in London today

While it’s not always necessary to hire a divorce lawyer, it is clear that there are many instances where a solicitor can be an essential part of the process. Using Oratto to find an experienced legal practitioner equipped with the right legal expertise should help you reach the best outcome on your divorce, even if your case is particularly complex.

So, contact Oratto and let us help you get in touch with a divorce solicitor in London today.