The retail industry as an economic sector has expanded exponentially since the turn of the millennium, with more, and increasingly innovative, shopping initiatives opening up. Supermarkets have pushed firmly into the clothing and homeware sectors and e-commerce and internet shopping platforms are attracting more consumers than ever before. This makes retail law a complex and demanding field which is seeing ongoing legislative changes to protect consumers as retail practices and platforms evolve.

With the focus on providing guidance, representation and protection for retailers, whatever their niche, retail lawyers operate at the cutting edge of retail law, providing commercially orientated advice across the gamut of retail platforms.

Retail law in the marketplace

As well as consumer rights issues, some of the main issues handled by retail lawyers concern:

  • Venture capital
  • Corporate transactions
  • Retail property
  • Brand protection
  • Workforce and employment issues
  • Data protection
  • Commercial contracts
  • e-Commerce and technology
  • Immigration and the right to work
  • Health and safety

Oratto member retail solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with each of the above areas and more.

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With consumer rights and data protection laws becoming ever more stringent, retail legal compliance is imperative. Experienced retail lawyers from Oratto will be able to offer advice and support on many issues - including in the ever-expanding e-marketplace - in respect of preparing procedure and policies, and drafting documents regarding redundancies and restructuring for example.

Consumer Rights

The spotlight has been thoroughly shone on consumer rights in recent years, and retail solicitors have needed to keep a sharp eye on regulation and legislation. The ubiquitous Sales of Goods Act, which protected consumers for so many years, has been replaced by a new Consumer Rights Act. This establishes new principles around refunds and time restrictions for claiming a refund or repair. Digital goods such as games, music, downloads and films are now covered by this Act, while the Distance Selling Regulations apply to the buying of goods online.

For a retailer, data protection is one of the key areas to focus on. Retailers are likely to hold a lot of personal information about consumers, employees and suppliers. Your chosen Oratto member lawyer will ensure that your data protection compliance is absolute. Other data protection issues include:

  • Protecting from data loss
  • Dealing with data subject access requests
  • Advice over privacy in relation to the Electronic Communication Regulations
  • Data security, including where possible breaches may occur

Regulations for retailers

Significant legislation changes have been made in respect of the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 and the Consumer Rights Bill. These have made alterations to consumers' contractual rights. The main impact is on consumer facing procedures and standard consumer agreements. As with all major changes, it's imperative that full compliance is achieved; your Oratto member lawyer will be able to help you with this.

Consumer law

Again, this is a vast area, covering several disparate topics which retailers must be conversant with. Your chosen lawyer will be able to guide you through the various legal areas and explain the meaning and implications of each one for your business. The principle subjects are:

  • Pre-contract information
  • Order placing
  • Cancellation rights
  • Returning goods
  • Refunds
  • Inertia selling
  • Helpline charges

In addition, the Consumer Rights Bill clarifies rights and remedies over goods, digital content and services. Liability exclusion and unfair terms are also covered.

Expert retail law advice, on demand

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