HMRC investigations can be complicated and exhausting, while also causing no small measure of uncertainty and unhelpful distraction – in short, they can be a real burden on your business.

Fortunately, Oratto's regulatory defence lawyers can help you with all aspects of HMRC investigations, including the related areas of compliance and due diligence. And, because Oratto is completely free to use, you can rest assured that finding the right solicitor to suit your circumstances will come at no cost to you.

Our specialists are based in firms and locations across the country, so, wherever you are and whatever your needs, we can empower you to make an intelligent and informed choice regarding your legal advice and representation.

HMRC investigations

HMRC is one of the largest and most powerful non-ministerial departments of UK government. It has considerable and wide-ranging powers to investigate and enforce the law regarding tax compliance.

This means that if HMRC believes that your organisation might not be declaring its full business activity or tax liability, it can move swiftly to investigate.

In some cases this may involve criminal investigation, meaning that you and your business could face one or more of the following:

  • Search warrants
  • Search of premises
  • Arrests
  • Information request orders
  • Property interference
  • Interception of post and/or telecommunications
  • Surveillance

Oratto's HMRC regulatory defence lawyers

Oratto empowers you to make an intelligent and informed choice regarding your appointment of a regulatory defence lawyer to help you preserve your rights and interests in the face of an HMRC investigation.

Our solicitors are based in locations across the country and can help you whatever your requirements – from successful challenges and defences through to negotiations, deals and the structuring of affordable payment plans.

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